Popular Myths about Part-time Jobs that Students Should Never Believe.

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Most college students take up part-time jobs during their academics to support tuition fees, earn some extra income, or for work experience on their resumes. 

There has been extensive debate on whether working during college is advantageous or not, where the people who don’t support part-time jobs offer arguments like lack of time, stress, and a drop in grades. 

However, most of these baseless reasons are just myths and we are here to debunk them.

1. Lagging Coursework

There is no doubt that bamalba will reduce the time available for studying and completing your coursework. That does not mean that you will fall behind on your grades. 

Students have plenty of spare time during the week. It is frequently spent doing something fun, like socializing.

Students who work, on the other hand, have a better understanding of where they should invest their time. They manage their time effectively in order to complete their coursework.

Research suggests, college students who work around 15 hours per week are less likely to drop out and are more likely to graduate with better grades. Using sources like WritersPerHour is also an efficient and fast way to keep up with the coursework. 

2. Only For Financial Needs

While finance may be one of the reasons why students chose part-time jobs, this is not the only benefit. Working while in college provides benefits that last long after you graduate.

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College jobs allow students to expand their social and professional network, gain self-confidence, and develop important skills such as teamwork and customer service, all of which can significantly improve employability. Employers prefer students with prior work experience when hiring new college graduates.

Working in college should not be motivated solely by financial needs. Any student who possesses the necessary organizational and time management skills should think about working in college for the invaluable job experience it provides.

3. Not As Experienced or Educated

Part-time workers can be just as competent as full-time employees. Professionals who choose part-time work frequently have a “been there, done that” attitude toward any situation.

They’ve already demonstrated their professionalism and have reached a stage in their lives when seniority and responsibility (and the associated stress) are less important than the work environment and flexibility provided. 

When recruiting part-time workers, ignore the rule of not hiring an overqualified candidate for the job.

4. Lazy Workers

The notion that part-time workers are not committed, do not put in the effort, or are unable to find full-time work is false.

According to studies, most students choose part-time work on purpose and find it positive and satisfying. Unfortunately, due to preconceived notions, false notions, and myths about part-time workers in college, many employers miss out on the cost-effective part-time human resource.

5. Working Away All Free Hours For Money

If the pay is good, it can be tempting to work all of your free hours. But research shows that the benefits can be counteracted by the disadvantages of working too much. 

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College coursework can be demanding and stressful, and having some downtime to relax and re-energize is essential for students. However, it cannot be gained only through part-time jobs.

Scientists recommend no more than 15 hours of part-time work per week.  This allows students to meet at least a small portion of their finances while still having enough time for classwork, homework, assignment completion, and extracurricular activities.

It is not worth spending all of your free time in college working, no matter how much money they pay you.


Part-time jobs have many benefits for students like financial independence, social network, and professional network as well as an addition to the resume. Students can also learn about real-life responsibilities. 

With many myths floating around about part-time jobs, it is best to go ahead and try it out hands-on before you believe anything.

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