Realme disables intelligence feature that was accused of stealing user data with new update

Realme disables intelligence feature
Realme disables intelligence feature that was accused of stealing user data with new update

Saturday, 23 June 2023, Bengaluru, India


The Realme 11 Pro and 11 Pro Plus series are receiving a new software update that, by default, disables “Enhanced Intelligent Services” on Realme disables intelligence feature UI 4.0.

Users discovered that enabling the option allows Realme access to collect crucial data such as “device information, app usage statistics, location information, calendar events, and statistics about unread SMS messages and missed calls” to improve user experience. It put the intelligent service at the center of a deep-rooted controversy. 

Realme later emphasized that, in contrast to the “Enhanced Intelligent Services” statement, the firm does not “link” any data on SMS, phone conversations, or scheduling. The service’s description has changed as a result of the Realme UI 4.0 release.

According to the latest developments in the story, Realme has released firmware updates for the two smartphone models. The Realme 11 Pro and Realme 11 Pro Plus will subsequently receive the updates in due time. They are receiving firmware versions RMX3771_13.1.0.524 (EX01) and RMX3741_13.1.0.524 (EX01) for 11 Pro and 11 Pro Plus, respectively.

There may be a difference in the time of availability of these updates, and users are advised to check their smartphones for potential updates. Users can check for software updates by navigating through Setting -> About Phone -> Software Update/System Update. 

The Enhanced Intelligence Services option is switched on by default in the smartphone, and users can check it in the Settings menu. To check the Enhanced Intelligence Services option, users have to head to Settings -> Additional Settings -> System Services -> Enhanced Intelligence Services.

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As per the latest details regarding the new updates with the latest firmware versions, users are said to receive the latest Realme UI 4 with the update, which will be based on Android 13. This upgrade will disable the Enhanced Intelligence Services option.  

Realme disables intelligence feature:

The latest updates description reads as follows, “‘Enhance Intelligence Service’ is an underlying service that supports device functions and improves your user experience based on how you use your device. To provide the Optimised charging feature, ‘Ehance Intelligence Service’ needs to process your location information and your usage statistic locally on your device as well as obtain the Location permission.” 

Realme disables intelligence feature image

Realme disables intelligence feature (Image Source: rmupdate.com)

These changes Realme is bringing into its ecosystem are because of a strange allegation the company is facing of stealing users’ data. The update’s changelog specifies the issue and gives the user the full operational benefit of using Realme devices.

Users will now have access to the Enhanced Intelligence Services options, and they can decide whether to enable it or keep it disabled. By default, the Enhanced Intelligence Services option will stay disabled in the new updates, but at the user’s discretion, it can be turned on. 

The latest updates about to feature Realme UI 4 based on Android 13 will also feature additional features in the smartphone. After the update, the system will be stabilized, and the camera power consumption will be optimized. These features will soon be made available to other Realme devices only if those devices are capable of receiving the Realme UI 4 updates. 

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Realme is having some tough days in its journey as the government has also intervened in the matter related to users’ privacy. Though there is nothing that goes unchecked by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Technology, Union Miniter Rajeev Chandrasekar regrets their part in the mistake regarding the Enhanced Intelligence  Services option in Realme phones.

While all the allegations speak against Realme, the company is trying very hard to keep its hands clean. Realme recently released a statement informing the people and the government that the data passed through the Enhanced Intelligence Services are highly encrypted and stored in encrypted hardware present in the user’s file directory.

Sai Sandhya