“Recooty” : A Jabalpur Based Tech Startup is becoming the preferred choice for cloud-based recruitment solutions

“Recooty” : A Jabalpur Based Tech Startup is becoming the preferred choice for cloud-based recruitment solutions{Updated 2021}

This post was most recently updated on April 30th, 2021

The Origin of The World’s Simplest ATS:

And it All Started Directly from the Heart ❤

We were struggling to hire the right candidates for our previous organization, our hiring team was fed up by filtering tons of resumes every day. Our company needed a simple yet effective Applicant Tracking System to accomplish our recruitment goals.

We tried many leading applicant tracking software which we thought about the first glance to be very useful, unfortunately, they couldn’t help us in making our hiring process easier. They were too complicated & highly overpriced.

“Finally, we decided to develop a simple recruitment tool which could help us in growing our team hassle-free. We came up with the world’s easiest ATS  “Recooty” which publishes job openings directly to your website, making it much easier for job seekers to apply directly on your website.

Now, tracking/managing applicants, scheduling interviews & hiring have become super easy with our unique dashboard”, says Mr. Avdhesh Solanki Co-Founder and CTO of Recooty. 

Trust us, we really didn’t know, the tool which we made for our company will be loved by 500+ companies.


  1. Job Board which allows you to publish job openings directly on your website.
  2. Track/Manage applicants from the dashboard.
  3. Schedule Interviews.
  4. Hire candidates smartly.
  5. Google Job Board visibility on your job openings.

  “Our Moto: To make the recruitment process the easiest task for every organization”, Says Avdhesh Solanki.

Team Behind “Recooty”:

The 3 co-founders who are masters of their fields, made this product a gigantic hit.

The man behind Recooty’s idea is Avdhesh Solanki , who was the CTO of India’s leading IT company.

Hardik Vishwakarma a man with some extraordinary Explainer video & marketing skills holds the responsibility to reach out to the world with this amazing recruitment solutions.

Darshna Bias , a highly experienced software tester who ensures the security of Recooty and makes it extremely robust. This team ensures that their clients enjoy using Recooty hassle-free!

 What differentiates Recooty:

There are hundreds of complicated ATS providers in the global market who fight in giving the best to recruiters but they are extremely complex for a normal user & highly overpriced.

Recooty has understood the recruitment industry and has aced in giving the easiest solutions to its users.

Recooty offers many great features for free, where other ATS providers charge thousands of bucks to offer the same features.

Future Plans:

Keeping it as simple as possible, we have not introduced loads of unimportant features but yes, we are working on a few more extremely important features which could be very helpful to companies in saving their time & making their recruitment process way easier.

Contact Details:

Website: www.recooty.com

Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RecootyApp/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recooty/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/recooty



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