Redefining lifestyle by introducing luxury fans – a product evolution that never happened

FANZART : Redefining lifestyle by the introducing luxury fans
Redefining lifestyle by the introducing luxury fans
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FANZART : Redefining lifestyle by introducing luxury fans

When and how did you start? 

We started off as consumers, looking for designer fans for our home. We saw some really cool fans abroad and wanted similar for our home in Bangalore but we couldn’t find any. In a country where fans are a prominent part of our homes, and yet not evolved – neither functionally nor aesthetically  – we wanted to fill in the gap of fans in the Premium & Luxury market catering to HNIs and UHNIs. Consequently, we started with the 1 Retail showroom (our flagship showroom, Indiranagar, Bangalore) in March 2012. We now have 60 experience centres across the country between our own, franchise partners and other types of partnerships, Says Mr Tarun Lala.

Brief about organization and founding members

Fanzart is the leader in creating exotic designer fans that are stylish, efficient and robust. These designs add an aura of design and luxury along with a superior breeze experience with a completely whisper quiet performance. 

“At Fanzart we believe that beauty and technology together can come up with revolutionary innovation. We also believe that – it is only with a great quality product that a consumer truly embraces that innovation”, Says Tarun.   

Anil Lala – A Mechanical Engineer turned businessman, Anil Lala was a Garment exporter for 25 years. A first-generation Entrepreneur, Anil has run multiple businesses in his life and has tried his hand at Enterprise Software, Consumer Tech, Manufacturing, RealEstate, Finance and finally Designer Fans. 

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Tarun Lala – An Electrical Engineer from Northeastern University and a certified Entrepreneur  from Stanford, Tarun has pursued endeavours          – at both corporate as well as entrepreneurial levels. After working in the US  for 2 years, he returned to India and while working Corporate, initiated Fanzart with his father Anil Lala. At heart, he is a technologist and still keeps one hand on the pulse of Technology.

Anil Lala
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Mr. Anil Lala
Tarun Lala

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Mr.Tarun Lala

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The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

  1. 60 Experience Centres across India.
  2. 30 more by affiliation. Will be a total of 150 by 2020.
  3. Presence in 6 Countries.
  4. Award: Power Brand – Rising Star.
  5. Entrepreneur of the Year by Ficci Flo.
  6. Entrepreneur of the Year by Jain University.
  7. Brand Association with brands like Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Taj and more.
  8. Many Celebrity Clientele – Including Actors, cricketers and more. 

About funding, plans on growth 

We are bootstrapped. No funding. At present we have 60 Experience Centres across India and 30 more by  affiliation. Will be a total of 150 by 2020. We are also present in 6 Countries through partners, projects and distributors.     

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies 

  • In 2012, we received a lot of hesitation & apprehension from the market, friends and well-wishers. The first year was expectedly shaky. 2013 onward, it shot up.
  • Fans are also a last mile purchase and so most of the home related budgets are exhausted. And then the reference price points of conventional fans are stupidly small.
  • We started seeing an adoption, slowly and surely. From end consumers, architects, interior designers and more. We soon were adopted by many celebrities – actors, cricketers etc.
  • Today – there are ‘me too’s in the market trying to do what we’ve done and the bigger name who have been giants in the fan industry are trying to do the same. 
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Future plans and funding

No plans on funding. Some very interesting strategic partnerships. 

A quote from the founder on the journey or dealing with the challenges or any inspiring moment. 

“At Fanzart we believe that beauty and technology together can come up with revolutionary innovation. We also believe that – it is only with a great quality product that a consumer truly embraces that innovation.”  – Tarun Lala

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Focus on market validation, product – market fit, profitability equation and brand positioning. 


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