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Scaler Academy
Scaler Academy
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Unquestionably, the Indian educational system has changed drastically in the previous several decades. There have been significant efforts made to increase access to education, but the much-desired industrial connection is still missing, particularly in higher education.

A curriculum that has been approved by industry professionals is necessary in addition to instructors and mentors who would not only provide students with new skills but also mentor them in their professions. That’s precisely what prompted the establishment of Scaler Academy in 2019.

Scaler – Company Highlights:

Company NameScaler
HeadquarterBengaluru, Karnataka, india
FounderAbhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh

Scaler – About:

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In order to help people advance in their jobs, Scaler, a platform where they could practice interview questions and learn new programming abilities, was incubated inside the InterviewBit in 2019. With the help of InterviewBit’s Scaler platform, both students and working adults can develop their skills. Scaler’s products target –

  • Students who love technology (Scaler Edge)
  • Young working individuals wanting to become future CTOs and entrepreneurs (Scaler Academy) (Scaler Plus)

Program lengths offered by Scaler range from six months to twenty-four months. These serve as career accelerators by improving students’ skills by providing them with a contemporary curriculum that gives them adequate exposure to the most recent technologies.

The approximately 1,000 working professionals who serve as instructors, teaching assistants, mentors, and career coaches at Scaler are drawn from some of the biggest software firms in the world, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter.

Over 2200 students and working professionals are enrolled in Scaler’s program at this time. The Scaler programs are being established as an open ecosystem of engineers and mentors to aid in the scaling of talent and the development of the upcoming generation of global tech leaders.

Scaler has been developed to aid and direct engineering students as they learn and prepare for the skills necessary for the best technology employment.


Scaler – Industry:

More than 2200 students and working professionals are currently enrolled in Scaler’s program. To help talent scale and create the next generation of global tech leaders, the Scaler programs are being established as an open ecosystem of engineers and mentors.

Scaler has been created to assist and direct engineering college students as they develop the skills necessary to compete for the best technology jobs.

Scaler – Founder and Team:

Anshuman Singh Abhimanyu Saxena CoFounders IB Scaler


Former students of the Hyderabad-based IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology), Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena founded both Scaler and InterviewBit. Anshuman was a former employee at Facebook, where he oversaw the group that created and expanded the Messenger service.

Abhimanyu oversaw a team that created the whole front end of the NYC-based retail marketplace Abhimanyu, an experienced entrepreneur, co-founded his first business while still a college student.

Scaler – Startup Story:

Abhimanyu Saxena began his career as a programmer with Progress Software before moving to as a software architect, where he spent more than three years. He had the laborious task of hiring new employees for projects during his time at

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They were only able to identify the best talent in a small number of candidates, despite reviewing hundreds of resumes and holding interviews.

Ninety percent or more of the interviewees lacked the technical expertise needed for the position. At this point, he became aware of the industry’s lack of competent tech people and the discrepancy between the academic requirements for becoming a software engineer and what is taught in universities.

The same difficulty was encountered when hiring personnel for Facebook’s fast-expanding tech staff by the other co-founder Anshuman Singh, one of the company’s early engineering leaders.

In order to help job seekers prepare for interviews and become job-ready, they founded InterviewBit in 2015. By doing so, they addressed the difficulty for recruiters in finding the best candidates for open positions.

Upksilling start-up Scaler acquires Applied Roots for $50 mn - BusinessToday

Although graduates may have theoretical knowledge, according to the vast majority of private organizations—both large and small—they frequently lack the skills necessary to complement entry-level jobs. They came to the conclusion that most persons they interacted with are capable of accomplishing even greater things with the proper support. That’s precisely what prompted the establishment of Scaler Academy in 2019.

At Scaler, the pedagogy of the courses has been developed, and structured interactions with recruiters and industry leaders (CXOs) have been established since it helps identify what employers are looking for in applicants, and then we train our students with those skill sets in accordance.

Scaler – Mission and Vision:

Scaler assists students, whether they are recent college grads or working professionals seeking to grow in their careers, in honing skills and preparing for potential opportunities with big-tech corporations. The aim of Scaler is to guarantee that brilliance is acknowledged regardless of the student’s background.

The platform’s goal is to establish a standard for hiring software developers so they may be sure to have the finest prospects for career advancement available.

Scaler – Name, Tagline, and Logo:

Scaler simply means to increase in size; to expand and improve your life, career, and talents. It also parodies the mathematics term “scalar.”

The logo depicts the scaling process from the small cube growing larger to the white space that looks like an arrow pointing upward. Since blue is frequently connected with trust, loyalty, knowledge, confidence, and intellect, it was chosen as the theme color. When people consider Scaler’s brand, they should have these attributes in mind.


Scaler – Business Model:

A free site for developers to practice coding is called The platform aids in honing programming abilities and preparing users for employment, including both working professionals and college students.

Companies pay the firm recruiting fee when they hire programmers from the community on To participate in the program, students must pay the pre-paid Scaler course fees for all Scaler by InterviewBit courses.

Scaler – Revenue Model:



  • Both students and working professionals have increased by 100% the number of queries Scaler has received about upskilling courses on its platform.
  • Since InterviewBit was introduced back in 2015, it has been a commercially successful organization.
  • With the current pandemic, Scaler’s revenue increased by 2X when compared to Q1 of FY 2019–20.
  • Scaler is sure that this fiscal year will end with 4X growth after exceeding its business benchmark for the year in terms of customer acquisition and revenue far ahead of schedule.
  • Beginning in January 2022, Scaler has expanded its business into the US.
  • The placement statistics for Scaler are also outstanding.
  • The incomes of Scaler’s students have increased by 250 percent, the company boasts.
  • The students who take Scaler’s courses get a 4.5X RoI (return on investment).
  • Additionally, Scaler takes pride in the over 380 Scaler graduates who have been hired by organizations like Microsoft, Google, Uber, Amazon, Paypal, Adobe, VMWare, Intuit, and McAfee.
  • More than Rs 600 crore is currently paid out annually to all Scaler graduates.
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Scaler – Products and Services:

1620396047 SA 6.PNG

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A course in computer science is offered by Scaler, a challenging online accelerator program that prepares software developers for employment with leading tech firms. Through live seminars taught by tech leaders and subject matter experts, it provides an intense 6–12-month computer science course. In order to give students enough exposure to the most recent technology, the curriculum is deliberately and methodically developed.

Scaler Edge

Scaler Edge’s curriculum will aid in achieving any objective for all tech enthusiasts from universities and colleges. Whether it’s preparing for interviews, becoming a top-notch programmer in a competitive field, learning how to start a business, or creating a cutting-edge project to stand out from the crowd. All of the skills & information required to achieve a goal are taken into consideration when designing Scaler Edge’s courses.

Scaler Academy

The flexible program that Scaler Academy has created is for all tech workers who desire to advance their careers. A program to learn Problem Solving and System Design is offered. The curriculum can be chosen depending on the amount of knowledge currently held and the type of specialization required, such as Backend Specialization or Full-Stack Specialization.

Scaler Data Science

Scaler offers students a unique data science and machine learning curriculum that offers:

  • Live class.
  • Industry projects.
  • 1:1 mentorship.
  • Secure Placement Assistance.

Scaler Plus

Scaler Academy Plus is the suggested coursework for people hoping to become future CTOs and business owners. Top industry experts created the Scaler Plus program, which is suitable for anyone interested in becoming a software architect (Frontend/Backend), engineering manager, or senior software engineer.

Scaler – Funding and Investors:

To date, Scaler (by InterviewBit) has amassed a financial amount of approximately $76.5 million. As of 1 February 2022, the company had raised $55 million thanks to the most recent round of funding from Lightrock, Sequoia, and Tiger Global.

Famous investors including Sequoia India, Tiger Global, Global Founders Capital, and Rocket Internet, as well as a number of well-known private investors, support Scaler. On February 1, 2022, Lightrock India joined as a new investor and took the lead in guiding Scaler’s most recent round, which saw the firm raise $55 million.

February 1, 2022Series B$55 millionLight rock India, Sequoia Capital, and Tiger Global
January 28, 2020Series A$20 MillionSequoia India, Tiger Global, Global Founders Capital and Rocket Internet
$1.5 MillionSequoia Surge Program

Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena hold the bulk of Scaler’s shares, each owning 29.05 percent of the company. Sequoia follows in terms of ownership, holding the majority of Scaler shares among investors with 22.52 percent of the company’s equity. Sequoia is the second-largest shareholder.

Scaler – Employees:

In total, Scaler employs more than 800 people, with an additional 1,000 technological experts contributing to the platform on a part-time basis. These folks primarily serve as tutors, role models, career counselors, and more.

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Scaler – Challenges Faced:

The requirement for solutions on both the supply and demand sides makes solving the skills shortage problem a difficult one. There are two issues that require behavior change: a lack of knowledge among students and antiquated employment practices at businesses that have developed over time. In spite of this, Scaler believes that both fronts are rapidly experiencing positive development.

Scaler – Acquisitions:

On October 21, 2021, Scaler Academy will pay $1 million in cash to buy Coding Minutes, a Delhi, India-based online learning platform. After purchasing Coding Elements in August 2021, this is the business’ second purchase.

Abhimanyu Saxena, a co-founder of Scaler Academy, made a suggestion that the company had set aside about $20 million for additional acquisitions this year. Saxena mentioned this while highlighting the company’s core product, InterviewBit.

On March 2, 2022, Scaler Academy completed the $50 million acquisition of Applied Roots. The six co-founders of Applied Roots will all join Scaler following the acquisition as part of the agreementt.

Name of the company acquiredDate of acquisitionPrice
Applied RootsMarch 2, 2022$50 mn
Coding MinutesOctober 21, 2021$98.82 mn
Coding ElementsAugust 30, 2021$1.05 mn

Scaler – Growth:

With online learning achieving unprecedented prominence and validation, the year 2020 has been wonderful for India’s Edtech sector. The same is true for Scaler, who has had a busy year. On May 18, 2022, Scaler launched Scalerverse with the intention of creating a distinctive community living environment for students, mentors, and teachers.

By the end of 2022, Scalerverse is anticipated to expand to five cities from its existing two Bengaluru operation centers. At Rs 212.5 crore in FY21, scaler revenue has been recorded. Scaler’s founder, Abhimanyu Saxena, acknowledged the business is experiencing some losses when questioned about them. Saxena made it abundantly clear, though, that Scaler spends less each month than it takes in.

Scaler – Partners:

  • To change the landscape of IT education, Scaler teams up with renowned creative agency The Womb.
  • To close the skills gap in the tech sector, Scaler teams up with the National Skill Development Corporation.

Scaler – Competitors:

Some of the top competitors of Scaler Academy include –

  • LIDO.
  • CampK12.
  • Masai School.
  • Upgrad.
  • Simplilearn.
  • Great Learning.
  • Coding Ninjas.
  • Avalon.

Scaler – Awards and Achievements:

  • One of the 17 firms from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Bangladesh that made it to the first cohort of venture capital company Sequoia’s Surge program was InterviewBit, which was named one of the 25 hottest Indian start-ups to work for in 2019 by LinkedIn.

Scaler – Future Plan:

In order to further enhance its core staff this year, Scaler plans to invest a sizable amount in hiring new employees. Since it’s a platform that puts the learner first, its main objective is to continuously update and improve the course content to make sure it meets demand and industry standards.

The leadership and product ecosystem of Scaler will be strengthened. Additionally, it is looking into industry-academia partnerships to give students, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, access to skill-based professional courses and develop tech talent that is prepared for the market.

On top of that, the team is working to establish Scaler as the place to find the best engineering talent. To close the demand-supply imbalance in the ICT sector is their ultimate objective.


What does Scaler do?

An excellent place to start learning DSA is Scaler Academy. They provide instruction in their courses from some of the top mentors, whose knowledge of the field is beneficial to pupils.

When was Scaler founded?

In 2019, Scaler was incubated within the InterviewBit.

Who is the founder of Scaler Corporation?

Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh are the founders.

Who is the CEO of Scaler Corporation?

Anshuman Singh is the CEO at the moment.

Who are the main competitors of Scaler?

The following are only a few of Scaler Academy’s biggest rivals:

  • LIDO.
  • CampK12.
  • Masai School.
  • Upgrad.
  • Simplilearn.
  • Great Learning.
  • Coding Ninjas.
  • Avalon.


With live gamified classes, 1:1 personal training, and real-world projects, Scaler Academy personalizes its courses for both novices and specialists. Working with the international community and gaining knowledge from business leaders also transforms careers.

YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reviews on Quora are just a few of the venues where Scaler Academy is active.

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