Seed Banks That Accept Mastercard

Seed Banks That Accept Mastercard

This post was most recently updated on May 7th, 2022

Are you looking for seed banks that take Mastercard? Well, look no further—we’ve done the legwork for you and come up with the top three most reliable.

As you know, marijuana seed banks are online stores where you can buy cannabis seeds. They offer a wide selection of strains and give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of different payment methods.

Top 3 Best Seed Banks That Accept Mastercard

If you want the best pricing for the quality of seeds then ILGM is the way to go. They have a wide selection and everything you need for your grow. You can also get all your supplies and nutrients from them. They ship really fast and discreetly, plus they offer a germination guarantee if anything happens to your seeds.

They are very reliable with lots of good reviews and testimonials on their site, plus they have great customer service if you have any questions or concerns while shopping online or growing out your plants.

2) Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds offers a wide range of cannabis seed strains that can be purchased using Mastercard. This seed bank has been around for a while, so they have built up a solid reputation in the industry. They offer free shipping and also have a good germination guarantee. Some of their notable features include:

  • Secure payment gateway
  • Good customer service
  • Quick dispatch
  • Good range of seeds

3) Seedsman

Seedsman is another solid seed bank that takes MasterCard. They are one of the most trustworthy seed banks on the market, having been in business for over 20 years and selling seeds from over 300 different breeders worldwide. But don’t let their size fool you, Seedsman believes in complete customer satisfaction and it shows through their actions by offering a large selection and top-notch customer service. Just read some of their online reviews and you will see what I mean.

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If you want to buy cannabis seeds with your MasterCard, then Seedsman should be your first choice as they offer a wide variety of payment options along with several shipping methods including stealth shipping options.

What are the benefits of buying cannabis seeds with Mastercard?

The main benefit is that you can use your credit card anywhere in the world and purchase cannabis seeds from anywhere in the world as well. This means that if you are located in Spain and you want to buy cannabis seeds from a seed bank located in England, you can do so without worrying about being charged an extra fee. Additionally, you will also be able to use your credit card online and make payments using your credit card. This means that if you are not comfortable using cash to buy your cannabis seeds online or if you prefer using PayPal then using your Mastercard would be ideal.

Another benefit of buying cannabis seeds with Mastercard is that it will allow you to take advantage of some special offers offered by certain seed banks. For example, some seed banks offer discounts on their orders when they are purchased with a Mastercard, which means that if you have more than one order placed then you will get a discount on each order.

How to Use Mastercard when Buying Cannabis Seeds?

To use Mastercard to buy from a seed bank, you must first ensure that your Mastercard supports online payments, as many debit cards do not. Once you’ve confirmed that you can use your Mastercard online, you’ll need to make sure that the seed bank accepts Mastercard as a payment method by checking their site. If they don’t accept Mastercard, you can always use one of their other methods of payment, such as Bitcoin or cash.

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Once you’ve confirmed that your card will work on their site and picked out which seeds you want to order, go to checkout! During this process, you’ll be prompted to enter information about yourself and your order. When it comes time to pay for your order, select the “Mastercard” option and enter your credit card information.

Once the transaction is complete, the seed bank will send out your order! Most seed banks have a pretty speedy turnaround time for orders.

In Conclusion

Buying cannabis seeds with Mastercard is a great way to acquire the seeds you want without worrying about whether the transaction will be cancelled. While it may not be possible to buy all your cannabis seeds with Mastercard, there are quite a few seed banks that accept this form of payment.

Thus, we have listed the three best seed banks that accept mastercard. Focusing on their selection and service, our list is based on facts, customer experiences as well as reputation. Hope you find them helpful.


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