US conspiracy clear in US analyst’s statement: Imran

Imran Khan
Imran Khan
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has claimed that remarks made by a US defense analyst on Fox News confirmed the existence of a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow his government. Imran also claimed that the analyst’s remarks removed all doubts about the allegations of foreign conspiracy.

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The former Pakistani prime minister claims he was ousted last month by a US-backed conspiracy to pursue an independent foreign policy towards Pakistan. This information was given in a report of Dawn media of Pakistan on Monday.

Earlier, in a program on the US television channel Fox News, the defense analyst said. Rebecca Grant was asked what should be the US message to Pakistan? In response, he said Ukraine must support Pakistan and rush to sign an agreement with Russia now. Their involvement with China must be curtailed and anti-American policies must be stopped – which is why Imran Khan resigned as Prime Minister a few weeks ago.

He said it was time for Pakistan to decide on an anti-US, pro-Russian policy.

Grant is a contributor to Fox News and has analytical views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He also gave analytical views on national and military issues. He is also the president of IRIS, an independent research organization in the United States. The agency provides expert opinions on defense and space.

According to the agency’s website, Grant has worked for the U.S. government’s think tank Rand Corporation and has worked on U.S. Air Force chiefs and staff.

Meanwhile, after the video of Grant’s remarks spread on social media, Imran Khan started tweeting one after another and highlighted the truth of his claim of ‘foreign conspiracy’.

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Imran Khan said that the issue of why a democratically elected Prime Minister and his government were ousted through this (video) should be “removed from all doubts”.

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