Seniors Trading In Their Empty Nests For Tiny Homes

Seniors Trading In Their Empty Nests For Tiny Homes
Seniors Trading In Their Empty Nests For Tiny Homes

According to the most recent study, over 10,000 tiny homes are situated throughout the United States. The target audience is mostly seniors but middle-aged consumers in empty nests are also considering the transition.  Empty-nesters have been downgrading their homes for a long time. With the introduction of the tiny home, the options have become more plentiful and affordable. 

Voids The Massive Upkeep

Low-scale home maintenance averages $950 per year in the United States. Large-scale renovation and restoration projects could easily cost $20,000 or more. This is not to mention the necessary repairs to keep a house or condominium in good condition.

A residential building consists of five systems, including electrical, flooring, roofing, plumbing, and heating & air conditioning. Modern residential settings can easily have a dozen large appliances – refrigerator, range, microwave, washing machine, water heater, air conditioner, dishwasher, and dryer. Small appliances, on the other hand, are too many to mention in this article.

Home maintenance is much more than structural repairs. It is also appliance, lighting fixture, window, door, and electronic maintenance. The larger the home, the higher the annual maintenance expense.

Lower Property Taxes

Property taxes in the United States costs the single-family homeowner $3,719 each year. New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts have some of the highest property taxes in the nation. An average homeowner living in one of the five states pays between $6,673 and $9,527 each year in property taxes.

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The average price of a tiny home is $50,000. A $50,00 tiny home homeowner in New Jersey would be required to pay $1,130 in annual property taxes. Compared to the average $9,527, the variance is significant. 

Lots Of Floor Plans

Tiny home model availabilities range from single- to two-story, open concept, modern, cottage, bungalow, and cabin. Consumers can also customize their tiny home models to suit their needs and preferences. Tiny homes ideas are a great place to start.

Less Housework

Domestic cleaning is not only time-consuming but also back-breaking. Seniors with mobility issues, physical ailments, and disabilities struggle to clean their homes. Spot-cleaning a large home is out of the question for most seniors. It would be much easier to keep up the cleaning on a tiny home.

More Peace Of Mind

Seniors are taking advantage of tiny homes because these buildings provide greater peace of mind. With a conventional home, there are so many things to worry about and the repair costs tend to be very expensive. Seniors understand this and often have difficulty sleeping at night because they’re worried about something going wrong. With a tiny home, the problems are smaller and less expensive.

Therefore, these homes can give seniors more peace of mind.

Cheaper Initial Investment

Another thing seniors like about tiny homes is that the initial costs are much lower. They won’t have to spend their entire savings just to buy a home. Right now, property prices are out of control so seniors are cutting back and trying to save money. Buying a tiny home instead of a conventional house allows them to put more in savings.

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Then, they can use that money for decorations, vacations, and other things. They’ll have more money to enjoy life while still owning a home. Although tiny homes can be expensive, they’re still much cheaper than conventional homes.


Tiny homes are located all throughout the United States. In rural and urban areas, as well as small cities. Tiny home regulations vary from state to state. Consumers should be well aware of the regulations in their state before building a tiny home. Some RV parks have started accepting tiny home models. Current landowners will find the process less of a hassle.