Soundhound: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Investors, products, and More

Soundhound is a company that offers sound identification technologies for diverse uses
Soundhound: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Investors, products, and More


Soundhound is a company that offers sound identification technologies for diverse uses. It’s an app for mobile devices that allows users to look for and find audio using spoken commands, and Hound is a voice helper for mobile apps. 

The Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding methods, which let consumers simultaneously express several queries and select outcomes, are the foundation of the Houndify algorithm. 

Soundhound is a company that offers sound identification technologies for diverse uses
Image source : soundhound

The natural comprehension of language, recognition of speech, sound and audio recognition, multilingual speech-to-text and other characteristics are among its distinguishing characteristics. The business offers users of Android and iOS apps.

The goal of Soundhound is to “Houndify everything.” SoundHound Inc. envisions a day when people will be able to speak with the objects around them, including vehicles, fridges, and even coffee makers.

About Soundhound

SoundHound Inc. translates audio into comprehension and useful information. The business is dedicated to making it possible for people to communicate with the objects in their environment in the identical manner that they communicate with themselves by communicating normally to their automobiles, televisions, players for music, cellular phones, and other “connected” devices. 

The end product from SoundHound Inc., called Hound, is the initial offering to be built on the Houndify technology and makes use of the company’s Speech-to-MeaningTM and Deep Meaning UnderstandingTM engines to produce a cutting-edge phone encounter.

With its SoundHound smartphone application, SoundHound Inc. enforces its innovations in music, allowing individuals to learn about, investigate, and pass on the sounds that are surrounding them, as well as discover the title of the tune stuck in their minds by humming or chanting. 

The startup wants to make speech-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to all individuals and make it possible for anyone to collaborate on it via the Houndify network. The term “Collective AI” is used by SoundHound Inc.

Name Of The Company Soundhound
Founded In2005
FoundersJames Ham And ,Majid Emami
Competitors Of The CompanyShazam, Assembly Ai, Soapbox Labs, Wellsaid
Website Of The CompanySoundhound.Com
Country Of OriginSanta Clara, United States
InvestorsKleiner Perkins, Nomura, Tencent, Felicis Ventures
Market Of The CompanyMedia And Entertainment And Technology 

Soundhound Logo

Soundhound Logo
Soundhound Logo (Image source: LinkedIn)

Soundhound Founders

James Hom

James Hom is one of SoundHound, Inc.’s co-founders. James Hom oversees every aspect of product improvement and creation for the SoundHound AI system, SoundHound Solutions, and other B2C offerings, which collectively serve thousands of millions of consumers worldwide. He graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

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Soundhound Founder James Hom
Soundhound Founder James Hom (Image source: Soundhound)

Majid Emami

Majid Emami is one of the founders and innovators who is driving technology research and development for the recognition of speech and artificial intelligence. Majid Emami, who holds 16 patents for voice AI technologies, leverages his knowledge to drive development at Soundhound. Majid received his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Soundhound  Founders Majid Emami
Soundhound Founder James Majid Emami (Image Source:- soundhound)

Soundhound Products

Following are the products offered by Soundhound to their customers-

  • Restaurant Phone Ordering
  • Smart Answering
  • Wake Word
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (Asr)
  • Natural Language Understanding (Nlu)
  • Content Domains
  • Edge And Cloud Connectivity
  • Text-To-Speech (Tts)

Soundhound Competitors


shazam is a famous system for identifying audio through apps. It enables listeners to recognise music and link to respective musicians, television commercials, movies, broadcasting, and retail settings. Both iOS and Android users have access to the mobile application. On multiple mediums, it also offers the top musical rankings.

Shazam was founded in the year 2000 in London, united kingdom.

Assembly Ai-

assembly AI is a company that offers voice-to-text services. It provides API and SDK for adding recognition of speech capabilities to either software or hardware for transcription. The company’s system can be implemented both on-premises and in the public cloud.

 It asserts that even with no further instruction, its algorithm can comprehend a variety of phrases and search phrases particular to a given market. Assembly AI was founded in the year 2017 in san francisco, united states. The company serves in the B2C space.

Soapbox Labs- 

SOAPBOX LABS IS a company that offers children’s based on the cloud recognition of speech software. Its devices provide speaking controls for sports and entertainment as well as voice evaluation for reading, English learning, and acquiring additional languages.

 The company’s software is accessible to outside developers via an API, allowing them to create voice-activated gadget relationships for gadgets, interactive products, and educational applications, among other things.

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Soapbox Labs was founded in the year 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. The company serves in the B2C space and the ed tech market.

Well Said Labs- 

WellSaid Labs is a company that develops artificial intelligence and the internet’s automated speech technologies. Voice narrative, voice archives, account administration, video recordings, and text-to-speech translation are among its capabilities.

Well said labs was founded in the year 2018 in Seattle, united states. The company has raised a total of 12 million dollars and is mini corn. Well-said labs serve in the B2B and SaaS space and the health tech market.

Soundhound Investors

Soundhound has a total of 39 investors from which the company has raised an amount of 356 million dollars. 

A few of the major investors of sound hound are- 


Nomura is a global banking and financial services organisation with a global presence that spans more than thirty different countries and areas. Through their three main sections, The retail sector, Management, and Wholesale commerce (Global Markets and Investment Banking), they serve the requirements of customers, organisations, corporations, and authorities through links to marketplaces across the globe.

Kleiner Perkins-

Kleiner Perkins has created a legacy by collaborating with a few of its most creative and innovative innovators in the modern world industries for the past fifty years. the company have made investments of $10 billion in dozens of firms in 20 venture capitalists and four development money, including industry leaders like Amazon, Genentech, and Google. 

Kleiner Perkins still invests in businesses like Desktop Metal, IronNet, Ring, Spotify, Slack, and UiPath to support the creators and their ground-breaking concepts.


Hyundai Motor Company has been a pioneer in the Korean vehicle market since the release of the Pony, which was designed using the company’s exclusive equipment. As an internationally renowned automaker, Hyundai Motor Company now shipments its labelled automobiles to more than 200 different nations. It has production facilities spread out surrounding the globe.

Cota Capital- 

Cota Capital is a private equity firm that invests in medical care, medication, programmes, the client, the field of biotechnology big data, online shopping, and medical industries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and was established in 2014.

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At any point, from the beginning of a project in the underground economy to shares in the broader market, Cota Capital engages by locating appealing technological opportunities spanning both the private and public marketplaces.

 To create technology-based firms, they collaborate with top-tier corporate executives and innovators. Brandable, Dyndrite, Darkstore, Monica+Andy, Qulab, Bossa Nova Robotics, NextInput, Gate Labs, Roostify, and Rollbar are among the companies in which Cota Capital has invested.

FAQs Related To Soundhound:

Where are the headquarters of Soundhound?

The headquarters of Soundhound is 5400 betsy ross Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

How to contact Soundhound?

The mobile number of the company is  +1(408) 441-3200.

Is sound hound present on any social media platforms?

Yes, the company is present on LinkedIn, Twitter and youtube.

When was Soundhound founded?

The company was founded in 2005.

In which industry does sound hound work?

The company works in media, information, automation, business and productivity software.

What is the company status of Soundhound?

The status of the company is public.

What is Soundhound?

SoundHound AI Inc is a natural language processing pioneer, providing an autonomous voice artificial intelligence system which allows companies throughout sectors to provide excellent talking interactions with clients.

How many investors does Soundhound have?

Soundhound has total investors of 39.

What was the former name of Soundhound?

Soundhound was formerly known as Melodis.

Where was Soundhound founded?

The company was founded in Santa Clara, United States.


SoundHound AI, Inc. provides a separate speech computational intelligence (AI) system which allows companies of all sizes to provide interactive interactions that benefit their consumers. With the assistance of the business’s Houndify system, which blends cutting-edge AI with technical know-how, marketers can create intelligent voice-controlled assistants.

Soundhound provides an application programming interface (API) for textual and speech inquiries, assistance with customised orders, an extensive repository of materials from various areas, and comprehensive software creation Set systems, interactive instruments, tools for diagnosis, and integrated statistics are all part of the Houndify toolkit. For anybody with a web connection who wants to integrate speech artificial intelligence into any software or goods, Houndify offers an online API that accepts spoken or written inquiries and outputs reactive JavaScript Object Notation.

SoundHound’s unique speech AI system links individuals with businesses via customised interactive encounters that speech-enable goods, services, and mobile applications while providing enterprises with the ability to gather important information and statistical analysis for greater influence and ownership of brands of the consumer’s engagement.

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