Spotify Stops When iPhone Opens Facebook? Solution

Spotify Stops When iPhone Opens Facebook? Solution
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When you open the Facebook app on your iPhone and begin scrolling through it, does the music playing on the Spotify app on your iPhone stop playing? The issue can be fixed in a significantly shorter time and with less effort than you think is necessary, How To Fix: Spotify Pause Issue On Android.

My friend has just recently upgraded to iOS on an iPhone, switching from Android to that operating system. Because of this limitation, switching to an iPhone can be difficult for someone who enjoys listening to music as much as she does because the iPhone is notorious for not allowing users to play the music that has been locally stored. The most effective course of action was to sign up for a subscription to a music streaming service and, more specifically, to Spotify.

We took advantage of Spotify’s two-person plan. Since then, we have been more than pleased with the service, particularly with the extensive music library, which features songs from various countries and regions. But as the old proverb goes, happiness is fleeting, and nature conspired to create a new obstacle for her to overcome: whenever she opens the Facebook app, Spotify either stops working entirely or closes down completely. This is a challenge that she must overcome. This occurs every time.

How to prevent the Facebook app from interfering with the playback of music on Spotify

It was clear to me that the problem was occurring within the Facebook app, so I assumed this was the case. After all, Spotify would only begin to operate improperly after the Facebook app was made available to users. As a result, I attempted some apparent fixes, but I was unable to implement them successfully:

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After ensuring that no applications were operating in the background, including Facebook, I closed them all. It didn’t work.

I powered down the mobile device and then started it back up again. It was a failure on every conceivable level.

By turning off the feature, I could prevent the videos on Facebook from playing automatically. No luck.

On top of that, I disabled the feature on Facebook that allowed videos to start playing with sound by disabling the option and still waiting.

But then I tried something else, and this time it worked out: I stopped granting Facebook access to the camera on my iPhone. This was the solution I needed. The following is a rundown of the steps necessary to accomplish this goal, for the benefit of those who are not aware of them:

Open iPhone’s Settings

Below the settings for the iPhone itself, you can find a list of all of the applications installed on your iPhone if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Find Facebook in the list, and then tap on the platform’s name.

The first option is labeled “Allow Facebook to Access,” Immediately below it is a rundown of various aspects of the user’s device that the Facebook app can or cannot access. These include the user’s location and notifications, amongst other things. If the user selects “Allow Facebook to Access,” the app will have access to all of these features.

There, you’ll see a button corresponding to Facebook’s permission to access your camera. Simply clicking that button will revoke Facebook’s access. When the red light on the door is replaced by a green one, it means that access has been granted. Select the switch, or the button will turn grey, indicating that the feature has been deactivated after it has been selected, How To Fix: Spotify Pause Issue On Android.

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A word of caution before you turn off the camera’s access.

Before revoking the application’s authorization to use the camera on the iPhone, I checked to ensure that the ‘Videos Start With Sound’ and ‘Autoplay’ settings for Facebook’s videos remained disabled. This was necessary because of the circumstances we were in. As a result, to err on the side of caution rather than irresponsibility, you ought to also carry out those actions.

After confirming that Spotify continues to play music even while I scroll on the Facebook app, I tried reversing the settings (such as enabling camera access once more), and there was no problem.

For this reason, it will not always be necessary for you to deny Facebook access to your camera to use the music streaming service provided by Spotify. It’s just a bug in the iPhone and will probably be fixed in one of the upcoming software updates. I’m not sure when that will happen, though.

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