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COLUMBUS, MT., April 00, 2022 – Is the CBD product category a fad or is it here to stay as a
wellness staple similar to multivitamins? That’s the question on the minds of everyone from
supplement company executives, retailers, and advocates of natural healthcare, here in the
U.S. and around the world. Due to little oversight and widely varying quality of products, industry
analysts say many consumers remain fence sitters when it comes to buying CBD on a regular
basis. A study in 2019 by Acosta, a consumer research group, found that non-users who have
yet to try CBD cite high cost, lack of clinical studies, and distrust in claims made in marketing as
the primary reasons for waiting.

Although roughly a third of Americans say they are using or have used CBD in a 2020 survey,
only 20% over 50 have even tried it. And despite the continued uptick sales and an expect
compound annual growth of 20% to 27% over the next several years, manufacturers marketing
CBD products directly to consumers admit that usage must broaden beyond the 18-to-29
demographic for it to shake off the stigma of being a niche nutraceutical.

The key to winning over consumers and ensuring they keep coming back rests on delivering
high quality and strong efficacy so users know the Cannabidiol is helping them, according to
Melanie Kossan, founder and CEO of Stillwater Hemp, a Montana-based producer of organic,
batch-produced CBD health and wellness products.

“We speak every day with people using CBD for a variety of reasons, ranging from better sleep,
to reducing anxiety and alleviating joint pain,” Kossan says. “The leading common denominator
for them to use it daily and keep it on hand is that they can feel that it’s working. Inferior
products made from hemp seed oil, cheap ingredients, and that have little to no efficacy are
discovered to be a waste of money and don’t earn repeat purchases.”

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As an independent women-owned, family business in Montana without a multi-million dollar
marketing budget, Kossan agrees with industry analysts who say that gaining consumer trust
requires instilling a higher level of confidence in quality, purity, and efficacy. Although
projections for the long-term prospects of the CBD market seem rosy, with forecasts of $8.2
billion in 2019 increasing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.6% to $19.1 billion
by 2022, Kossan worries some who have been unhappy with previous purchases may be
reluctant to try it again.

Many of her customers say they had given up on the benefits of CBD until they experienced
Stillwater Hemp’s high efficacy products which also contain a much greater percentage of CBD
per volume than virtually every nationally advertised product and those typically sold at
pharmacies. Kossan calls people who have finally been won over to the benefits of Cannabidiol
“CBD second timers”.

“Being that there are a wide spectrum of CBD options from hundreds of vendors, the confusion
among consumers is understandable,” she adds. “When confronted with choices which include
tinctures, gummies, beverages, topicals, capsules, and other edibles, just figuring out what
dosage is appropriate can be difficult due to not being familiar with how many milligrams of
Cannabidiol are needed for efficacy or appropriate for the user. Educating first-time buyers is
essential to earning their business and trust.”
When launching Stillwater Hemp in 2017, Kossan says many prospective customers and
retailers confused CBD with cannabis or were suspicious of how it might have unwanted side

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“You have to remember this was before the passage of the Farm Act in December 2018 which
made Hemp production federally legal at the end of that year and led to 35 states allowing
farmers to begin growing the following year,” she says. “To reach out to the public with facts we
created an educational series called ‘CBD School’ which we are bringing back to help people be
informed shoppers and avoid wasting money on products which simply don’t work, such as the
hundreds of hemp seed oil tinctures on Amazon which do absolutely nothing.”

As an example, Kossan cites the widespread availability of hemp seed oil-based products.

“Although ecommerce sites permit the advertising and sale of hemp seed oil because they don’t
fall under federal CBD jurisdiction, they effectively have zero Cannabidiol content and just a
trace amount of vitamins and minerals,” she laughs. “In other words, you’re paying a premium
for the approximate nutritional benefit of eating an apple, orange or banana.”

About Stillwater Hemp

Stillwater Hemp is a Montana-based Organic health and CBD company founded by Melanie
Kossan, a lifelong entrepreneur and natural healthcare advocate. Sourcing all of our hemp from
a licensed farm nearby and processed in an FDA-certified facility, we are committed to providing
the highest quality Cannabidiol products with proven efficacy. Each Stillwater Hemp offering is
hand-crafted using only 100% pure organic hemp and ingredients and infused with essential oils
that increase the health benefits of using CBD. Our luxury personal care line includes bath
bombs, bath salts, and sugar scrubs for a spa-like experience at home. We also offer a full pet
line for cats and dogs featuring CBD and non-CBD products to support the health and
happiness of your furry family members.

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For further information, visit us at, email us at melanie@mtn-, or call 406-290-5050.

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