Subtle yet Powerful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following and Engagement.

Subtle yet Powerful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following and Engagement.
Subtle yet Powerful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following and Engagement.
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Creating a strong brand needs attention from a relevant audience at the right time. There are multiple ways you can achieve this: publish several SEO contents. Pay for Google Ads. Or learn the art of social media marketing.

Interested in social media marketing? Then building a compact following on relevant social sites is the way to go. But how do you do this? Learn through this post as we discuss ways you can build more social media followers who will engage and interact with your business.

Why is social media important to modern businesses?

The traditional marketing methods such as TV commercials or print adverts have and will remain the most effective means of reaching your markets. However, the rise of digital advancement has brought new marketing rules and perspectives to business owners and marketers.

Everyone is active on social media, so you need to be too. With almost half the world’s population available on digital platforms like social media, missing out may not be a good idea if you are targeting a wider audience.

The following are ways your brand can benefit from being active on social media platforms:

ü  It helps you reach more customers and create personal relationships with your clients.

ü  It helps you create or increase awareness of an existing brand.

ü  It significantly reduces costs.

ü  It improves your leads, conversions, and sales.

ü  Social media is SEO-friendly, meaning that it has a huge impact on search engines if you optimize the profile effectively.

Tips for growing your social media following.

With the vast market of help on click and social media is offering to brands, it is imperative to learn how you can make use of it by building your followers. Here are the tips to help you:

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1.      Chose the right social media channel.

With a lot of social media platforms available, it cannot be easy to make your brand present in all of them. The secret is being available where your target audience is and interacting with them there.

The first step is to identify your audience and the social platform they like. You can do this through interviews or surveys, look for niche groups on various platforms, leverage listening tools to find discussions around your niche, or trace where your competitors are based.

2.      Optimize your social media brand profiles.

You have known where your audience is, now it is time to create and optimize your business profile to start attracting them. Ensure you:

ü  Choose clear images, videos, and logos.

ü  Use these visuals across the profile.

ü  Select similar handles.

ü  Include links to important pages of your website.

3.      Follow correct social media etiquette.

Every social media platform has its own guidelines and rules. They can be explicit and contained in terms of use or tricky and enforced by the social community.

Regardless, it is important that you or the people behind your social media marketing should learn and understand these policies and play along.

4.      Engage and interact.

After building a good following, the biggest problem you can do is to neglect those who would love to engage your brand.

Respond to direct and private messages sent to the platform, engage in posts and comments about your services and products, and finally, thank your esteemed clients. This will help build trust along the way and translates to more sales.

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5.      Promote the social media account offline and online.

Remember to integrate the social sharing button in your website when designing the site to enable quick sharing across different platforms. Also, include links to the account in newsletters and emails.

Add the links on the business cards and letterheads. And don’t invite people to follow, like, and comment on your business posts.


Living in the digital era has pushed marketers and business owners to adapt to new marketing trends and platforms, one being social media marketing.

And to succeed in SMM, a person needs to have a good number of followers as the audience. Building this requires time and patience. However, leverage the tips discussed in this post to kick start your social media marketing campaign, even as you learn along the process.

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