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An inspiring story of a girl whose dream is not getting married but be a successful entrepreneur from HR professional to Interior Designer

An inspiring story of a girl whose dream is not getting married but be a successful entrepreneur from HR professional to Interior Designer.

When and how did you start?

 We launched Su Casa on 1st January 2018. Starting Su Casa was not a piece of a cake. Me & my partner Ms. Anagha Shetty decided to start a company but we were lacking with enough funds to start. But we decided not to borrow money from anyone either it’s our family or friends. We invested whatever savings we had & started our company by launching the website. We printed our visiting cards for marketing & so on we started with the tiny steps. And we managed to do well for a start as we got our 1st project within 15days… and as we started off with the 1st project the 2nd was on its way. So it was a very overwhelming start for us.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

 Actually, by profession, I am an HR. But the creative side of me was getting overshadowed bcoz of my job pressure. But I used to utilize my free time in designing & decorating the houses of my friends & relatives. And that’s when I started getting appreciated for my creativity. Which actually gave me motivation & that’s when I got an idea to get into this business. I was happy with my job, as I always wanted to be an HR, I worked for pretty long 9yrs in this profession. But somewhere in my subconscious mind, I wasn’t satisfied with the same. During that phase one show on FY18 channel “Small Budget Big Makeover” really inspired me to start Su Casa.

 Brief about organization and founding members

 Our organization’s name is Su Casa. The Interior Designers & Decorators. We are specialized in residential & commercial designing, within your budget, but without compromising on your quality and the unique thing about our organization is that we decorate your house or office with our DIY products. Which make your house or office interior look different & classy from others & that too being light in your pockets. Our motive is to give people a stylish lifestyle by giving them a stylish house in their budget, as to have a house is everyone’s dream. So why not make that dream beautiful & special.

 Founders Images 

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Image Credit/Source  Ms. Sheetal Adhalge – Founder

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Image Credit/ Source: Ms. Anagha Shetty – The Co-founder

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

” My journey was not easy towards my dreams. To start with any journey I will say there is always a break down point in your life when you feel like giving up on everything and go away from everyone. This point came in my way as well I am a 30+ single female. Who doesn’t want to get married bcoz my past keeps haunting me? But my family is running behind my life for it. My HR job which was not giving me mental peace. To avoid this clutter I started maintaining distance from my family Which ended me in the depression. But how long I had to be in this condition. As I was the only one to help myself. I thought why am I getting low when I can fight and give it back to people who think that girl who is 30+ is just a burden for her family. I will be the one who will show that a girl doesn’t need a man to fulfill her dreams & to settle down in her life and that gave me the motivation to quit my job by going against my family & people who were talking about me & degrading me. I decided to start Su Casa and there’s when I contacted Anagha my business partner ” Says Sheetal Adhalge

 As she was the only one who had a similar passion for interiors like me. She is an ideal business partner to have one. I shared my idea with Anagha and without having a second thought she agreed to it Which boosted my confidence. She is a dedicated & immensely talented girl. And now was the time for starting actual business activities. But as we were falling short of the money We started working by sitting in malls for hours & hours to get our work done. We designed our website, printed cards & pamphlets with least of the money we had. We were not in a position to spend money on marketing as we have to support our family as well. We started meeting contractors & market research for material rates. And as we all say hard work pays off. By gods grace, we got our 1st project within 15days. We never expected this will happen so soon. As we started off with the 1st project the 2nd project was waiting for us to welcome and then we started getting projects back to back. But the 1st two projects we got from my friend circle. Thanks to you guys for believing in me & giving me your projects being a startup. Two projects in two different cities but were managed very smartly. Thanks to my team.

About funding, plans for growth

 “We are not looking out for funding. We want to go with the bootstrap pattern. We want to grow as a well-known brand in the market in next 1yr down the line” Says Sheetal Adhalge

 Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

 Due to lack of funds. We decided to do marketing on a basic level, like Website, Facebook page, sending links through WhatsApp, distributing pamphlets in plush complexes, meeting builders with ongoing projects. We joined many groups on FB which helped me in marketing. This all strategies worked positively for us.

 A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

 I always say do what you love. You should not only be happy but satisfied with the work you do. “You’re the only heroine of your life”  Listen to your mind but follow your heart.

 EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

 Follow your dreams. Be dedicated & focused. You will get many hurdles in your way but what will keep you going is your dedication & focus and one important thing there is no option for hard work.

Your website / apps / and contact details

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Company Name: Su Casa Interior Designers and Decorators


Contact Persons :

Ms. Sheetal Adhalge – +91-7738970577

Ms. Anagha Shetty – +91-98218 34444



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