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A pitch deck is a concise, comprehensive presentation about a project made to attract an investor or partner. 

The pitch deck is one of the communication methods that can be used in any situation, if it is vital to deliver a message or offer, to convince, to interest, to explain, and, of course, to attract investment and find partners. So, read this article if you want to know more about this kind of slideshow and intend to make yours. Here you can also find a suitable pitch deck design service. We’re here to supply you with some info!

The pitch deck principles

The pitch deck should:

  • Be clear: A conceivable depositor understands from it what your project is about and what you offer (if the investor does not understand your project, he certainly will not invest).
  • Tell a story, be coherent and logical: investors hear and see dozens of pitches every day, if you speak (and write in the pitch deck) interestingly and easily, this will set you apart from the majority.
  • Cover basic investor questions for the startup, so that it’s evident in a few minutes whether there is investor and project fit (whether the investor is investing in your stage, in your industry, etc.).
  • And at the same time contain a minimally sufficient amount of textual information (no one likes to read a lot, and neither does the investor).

Top services which help you to create a pitch deck

Below, you can find some great services to make an outstanding pitch deck by yourself.

Base Templates

A seasoned businessman instituted this company in 2015. It was developed to endorse the constitutors’ defects in earlier procuring capital endeavors.

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For businesses looking for corporatization, it supplies outstanding slideshow development accommodations as is also an input atheneum.

Rate-making: Straightforward. For the styling and stuff of their showcases, customers cash up $49 for each slide.

They support your crowdfunding plan too. The appraisement of this scheme will swing according to what activity you intend to do.

They operate as follows: To begin, you must get in touch with them to arrange a brief showcase of your business and, if any, prior efforts to obtain money.

Once you have received a quotation and an estimated delivery date, you’ll give them any prior pitch decks you may have. If you still intend to get one, this site will make 1 from a draft for you.


Another well-liked variant is Slidebean, a user-friendly platform that enables users to generate slideshows substantive.

Since its founding, this site has developed its platform and boosted the bar for showcase formation. Additionally, this site offers custom pitch deck development accommodations. Customers that work with the Slidebean design team to acquire what they require can receive effective and captivating showcases.

This site could assist you with constructing a new slideshow from the draft or redesigning one that already exists.

Pricing: There are three options for customers to select from while working with this site. The Styling Plan is the 1st option, with prices beginning at thirty-nine dollars per slide. This strategy is for people who have a pitch deck so far and require accommodation for redesigning it.

The Traction plan costs $2,200 at first. This strategy contains a custom fifteen-slide showcase.

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The Scale plan costs $3,500 at first. This option will have Slidebean form a fifteen-slide showcase for your contrivances. Additionally, slideshows and financial strategies are elaborated specifically for each customer.


Startups should operate the styling and stuff accommodation UnicornPitch, which is situated in Germany. Every time, this company produces quick, high-quality solutions. Their primary aims are always predetermined shipping dates, which let customers understand when to anticipate tidings and completed items.

UnicornPitch will be completely transparent in the recruiting process for your pitch deck contrivance. Every customer of the agency receives a signed NDA guaranteeing confidentiality.

Rate-making: The cost will vary according to the intricacy of the customer’s thoughts and requirements for the slideshow. The appraisement to form a showcase is twenty-nine euros per slide and will rise with the contrivance’s complicacy.

The pitch deck startup bundle is 400 euros and affiliates a slideshow stencil with fourteen slides and pitch stuff practices. The UnicornPitch team finishes the stuff and styling, checks that all components are in order gives it one more polish and then dispatches it to the customer for checking.

Bye for now! We hope you find something useful and exciting.

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