The best way to select an LED display

The best way to select an LED display
The best way to select an LED display

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There are many different display kinds available, making the world of LED technology a minefield where it may be difficult to determine which is the best option for your purposes.

The psco enters the picture here. We can provide unmatched professional advice to help you design the ideal LED solution. You may have some questions, however, so let’s address them first.

You may learn all you need to know before starting your LED display adventure from our helpful guide.

What is an LED display?

An LED display first resembles a massive tv. The internal mechanisms, however, vary greatly. A tiny cluster of LED diodes is housed within each of the hundreds or perhaps millions of light dots that make up an LED display.

These LEDs each emit three colors—red, green, and blue—which, when combined, may produce a staggering number of hues.

In order to produce a complete picture, square or rectangular panels with LED pixels are put on them. When mounted properly, a high-quality LED display seems to be one seamless picture.

LED display types

SMD, mini LED, and micro LED are the three primary forms of LED technology that are used in LED displays.

We have detailed LED the main distinctions between the technologies as well as their comparative advantages to make it easier for you to choose which is the best option for your company.


The most popular LED technology is SMD (surface-mounted devices), in which the LED pixel’s red, green, and blue diodes have adhered directly to the circuit board’s surface.

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It is a tried-and-true technology with adaptable design choices for every application, providing the greatest price performance. Today’s LED displays employ conventional SMD technology in their great majority.


MiniLED is an advancement of the prior LED technology in which several SMDs are bundled into a single integrated device, often known as an “integrated mounted device” or “imd” for short.

The matrix pixel arrangement strengthens the display and fits more pixels into a smaller area so that the display may support greater resolutions.

Its excellent image quality and capacity to survive the rigors of regular usage this has made it a popular option for high-end rental applications.


MicroLED displays are composed of tiny non-organic LEDs that are adhered directly to the surface of the display.

This fully eliminates the requirement for the packaging while also assisting in protecting the pixel from physical damage.

It is more energy-efficient since each pixel has its own light source and can switch it on or off as needed. This results in amazing contrast.

Which LED screen size do I require?

The primary factor to take into account when selecting an LED display is not size. Instead, think about the sort of information and the viewing distance.

The resolution and pitch you want will depend on the distance between the display and your audience as well as the level of information necessary in your material.

The viewing distance decreases with decreasing pixel pitch.

A decent rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 1mm of pixel pitch for every 1m you are from the display and so on.

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The typical pixel pitch for an indoor display nowadays ranges from 1.2mm to 2.5mm, with some high-end applications going as low as 1mm.

Due to the different viewing distances, outdoor LED displays come in a wide range, although the most common range is 4 to 6 mm.

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What purposes do LED displays serve?

Retail shops, corporate boardrooms, live events, and outdoor advertising are just a few of the locations in which LED displays may be employed.

Presentations, signage, and data visualization are three of LED’s primary applications.

At psco, we offer products from top global manufacturers, including Samsung, sharp-nec, lg, and absen, which span the whole LED spectrum.

Even better, we provide end-to-end service for the finest possible purchasing experience.


According to Forbes research, companies only have seven seconds to establish a good first impression, and LED displays may aid in leaving a lasting impression.

LED displays were first primarily used in the greeting area to wow visitors and staff as they entered the building and to express brand values, but they are now often used in conference rooms and event venues for grandiose presentations and video chats.

Additionally, the majority of VisionledPro LED suppliers now provide practical “all-in-one” solutions that are available in a range of fixed sizes between 110″ and 220″.

These are inexpensive and simple to install, making it justifiable to replace old LCD and projection screens.


In the past, only premium firms could afford an LED display, but as demand increased and prices decreased, digital signage became a staple of every retail establishment or shopping mall.

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Brick-and-mortar stores have to raise their game to compete with online companies, particularly in the aftermath of covid-19.

Since 90% of purchasing choices are affected by visual cues, LED displays provide memorable in-store experiences. LED has the advantage of blending in well with any surroundings.

Retailers may even construct a display that is entirely exclusive to their shop, selecting the size and form as well as tailoring it to a range of styles, such as curving walls, a floor design, and a ceiling design.

University education

For lecture halls, presentation areas, and digital signage at institutions vying to entice the best students, LED is the optimal answer due to declining prices, improved warranty terms, and the availability of simple fixed-size solutions.

Similar to the business sector, educational institutions may give an engaging learning experience using the most recent LED technology with all-in-one LED bundles.

There are a variety of alternatives to suit any budget.

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