The Best Ways to Use Laser Marking on Plastic

Laser Marking on Plastic
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Laser marking is a process that uses a laser beam to produce a permanent mark on an object. The laser beam is focused on the object’s surface, causing the material to vaporize. A small part of the energy is transferred to the material, permanently altering its surface. Kunststoff Lasermarkieren is a popular method of marking plastic parts because it produces a clean, consistent mark that is difficult to replicate.

Laser marking is a fantastic way to mark plastic products permanently. It is a quick, clean, and efficient way to keep products with a logo, barcode, or other information. Laser marking is also very accurate, making it the perfect choice for small text or intricate designs.

Process for the laser marking of plastic elements

The key to Kunststoff Lasermarkieren is gaining sufficient absorption of the laser beam into the fabric. Most of the shaft is reflected in metals, while in plastics, transmission, diffuse reflection, and absorption are more critical. The low heat conductivity in plastics points to common energy defeats during marking. Plastics can thus be marked much quicker than metals. Absorption by the macromolecular design of plastics is usually in the ultraviolet and far-infrared spectrum. In additives such as carbon black or shades, absorption happens at varying wavelength spectrums. Since lasers with different wavelengths are known, the material can optimize the wavelength.

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Can you laser engrave on plastic?

The laser can cut or etch many materials, including wood, paper, cork, and some plastics. The laser can engrave anything, including wood, cardboard, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, marble, stone, tile, and glass.

What is essential when marking plastics?

Various plastics have numerous characteristics that complicate the identification by several deciphering methods, among other points. Paper, ink, and other inks all have limitations when it comes to the length of time they can remain legible, as can certain plastics. Plastics that have different properties require different marking methods. Lasers are much more adaptable to dealing with such issues as roughness and unevenness. They can immediately begin printing without creating templates, which is necessary, such as by pressing screens and printing pads.

Which plastics can be laser marked?

Short-pulse lasers can be used for various injection molding applications based on the thermoplastic material, laser wavelength, and additive. Both legibility and quality can be increased by using laser-sensitive additives in plastics. Using special plastics this way does not affect the properties of the plastics.

By doubling (532 nm, green) or tripling (355 nm, ultraviolet) a laser’s wavelength, the duration of marking certain plastics can be extended. These laser technologies often yield better results than systems using laser wavelengths in the range of 1,064 and 1,030 nanometers.

What is laser printing on plastic?

Etching utilizing a laser allows plastic materials to provide vivid contrasting text and graphic patterns.

Lasers mark alphabets, subdomains, and symbols on plastic objects without direct contact or the need for solvents for a sharp and precise focus of text and icons that can be seen with excellent contrast and clarity.

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Kunststoff Lasermarkieren is a great way to permanently mark or engrave an item with a message or logo. It is a quick and easy process that can be done in-house, and the results are always professional-looking. If you are examining a way to brand your products or mark them for identification, laser marking plastic may be the perfect solution for you. Laser marking plastic is a great way to celebrate your plastic products permanently. It is fast, efficient, and leaves a clear and consistent mark. If you are looking for a reliable way to keep your plastic products, laser marking is the way to go.


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