This duo is trying to change the way the education system works in India

The Laureates
The Laureates : reinventing the education sytem of india
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‘Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe’

Are you concerned about education? We are. One of our deepest concern is that while education systems are being reformed around the world, many of these reforms are being driven by political and commercial interests that misunderstand how real people learn and how great schools actually work. The future of humanity will be radically different than what we see today.

“We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century – it will be more like 20000 years of progress at today’s rate.” We’ll have the potential to live on Mars, connect our minds to machines, and access an abundance of resources? But is our youth prepared to live in such a world? Are we equipping them with skills and values necessary to be adaptable, innovative and purpose-driven in such a world?

We started in June 2017 with Your Educare and education decision making enabler platform and we took our first big step by getting into formal education as The Laureates School in March 2018. We always believed that Indian schools are modelled like a factory is modelled. We believed that if you design a system to do something specific, don’t be surprised if it does it. If you run an education system based on standardization and conformity that suppresses individuality, imagination and creativity don’t be surprised if that’s what it does.

problems of the 21st Century are different so they need to be solved by providing the education which this generation needs. Digital technologies are transforming how we all work, play, think, feel and relate to each other. The revolution has barely begun. Old systems of education were not designed with this world in mind. Improving them by just raising conventional standards won’t work. So as ‘ We are the system’, we decided to adopt a new style of education suited to the challenges we now face and the real talents that lie deep within us all.

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At the time when we started we just became Chartered Accountant, with offers on hand from Multinational Companies, with GST just being rolled out there was a huge scope as everyone believed, and then we belong to a business background, so the major difficulty which we had was to start. It took a time to convince family but people of society, friends, colleagues were still doubting our decision to start school.

We are still being asked to question that after becoming a Chartered Accountant what made you think to start a preschool? Also, we were just 22 when we started The Laureates so the biggest difficulty we faced was to get people to trust us because we were too young to start our own brand of schooling, says the Founding Team.

Chartered Accountants are not our thought to enter in schooling industry. One day while Aditya Was reading The Economist magazine where there was mention the state of education in our country. Exact lines were: Education in India is the biggest human resource tragedy in the world. That hit us. There are a lot of people complaining about our current education scenario, but very few are talking about practical solutions and even a few are working towards it. That’s what hit us, and we knew that we can develop a feasible solution and work towards it. That’s when our love affair with schooling began.

Our main focus was to develop our own curriculum and bring modern teaching aids and methodology. Our curriculum is based on 8C’s, Curiosity, Creativity, Criticism, Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Composure, Citizenship. Some of the key changes brought by our school are, We are the only school to abolish classroom concept and brink skill based concept, Process of personalization was missing in schools, we brought personalization so as to enhance on our belief that straight jacket approach doesn’t fit all. Our Assessment models are completely different and we walk our talk by giving utmost transparent reports to parents.

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Our reports are highly detailed, which helps us to consult with parents and let them understand the prospects where school and parents can work together. We started educating parents but most of all we focused on effective teachers. Teachers in our opinion are like gardeners, the role of a teacher is just to give a proper environment.

We have made modules for every single activity, worksheet, a book which the teacher has to execute which helps them to understand the delivery which we expect from them. And lastly, Digitisation through E-Learning content and communication with parents. In spite of starting our first school at a time when admission sessions were closed, because of our content we did manage to gather a maximum number of admissions for a new school.

You can say that we got our first ladder for our dream to overhaul the education system. After that, we have opened our second branch which is one of the most premium schools of Surat. All that we do, people expect that we might charge a bomb, but No we don’t. We believe in premium education in affordable fees, so as even the middle class can afford premium education.

During the initial days, we still remember that we used to take admission inquiries till late night and were the only school to take inquiry during that time. All those late nights paid off to give us a kickstart when we won the National Award for Education Excellence as the Best Emerging Preschool of Gujarat at Pune in January 2019.

We believe in our name. We wish to create Laureate from our school and this cannot be done by just giving a mediocre level of education. According to us Passion, Discipline, and being Humble are the traits that can help everyone in their entrepreneurship journey.

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About the Founders: CA Aditya Dudheria and CA Janish Jain are Chartered Accountants having a driving factor in the form of passion for quality education.

They have realised that the smartest generation has arrived and our educational system does not meet up with the requirements. They are also one of the youngest in India to start their own brand of schooling. Aditya, is a recognised public speaker having won numerous competitions at the state and regional level and is a guest lecturer in schools and colleges.

We had to do something, the challenge is not to fix this system but to change it; not to reform it but to transform it. We are in position as never before to use our creative and technological resources to change that. We now have limitless opportunities to engage young people’s imagination and to provide forms of teaching and learning that are highly customized to them.

We are committed to empowering lifelong learners by developing minds, building character, and creating a community in order to change our world for the good. These are words that guide us every day at Laureates. How we learn, who we are, and how we interact with one another are inextricably linked in our culture. The world is undergoing revolutionary changes; we need a revolution in education too. If there was a time, now is the time.

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