Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in India in the Year 2024

Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in India in the Year 2024
Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in India in the Year 2024
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The Indian microprocessor market enters 2024 with a panorama of technical strength as well as creativity coming towards a prominent view. India is ready to usher in a semiconductors renaissance having a market that is outpacing the rest of the world in the international technology competition. This increase is caused by a number of interrelated causes, such as increasing consumer appetite for worldwide electronics, a trained pool of workers, and an administration committed to developing a strong domestic semiconductor environment.  

The most prominent ten semiconductor businesses within India, which are at the forefront of creative thinking as well as technical development, are near the center of such revolutionary adventure. In addition to exhibiting great resiliency in facing a variety of global problems,  these businesses have used the most advanced technologies and processes in an effort to stake themselves a space for themselves in the very contested semiconductors industry.  

These businesses are crucial in creating our country’s technical environment in a period wherein semiconductors are the fundamental components that comprise the electronic age.  Spanning telephony including automobiles and electronic goods along with medical care, they  serve a wide range of sectors. Each one of them contributes a special set of skills to the development within the Indian transistor industry, whether those skills involve the production of semiconductors or architecture through development. 

In addition, these businesses are not merely satisfying local needs but are also growing into key participants in the worldwide market for semiconductors against the context of the nation’s lofty objectives like the “Make in India” as well as “Atmanirbhar Bharat” programs.  Their efforts are assisting India in becoming self-sufficient in important technological areas,  lowering dependence on purchases, as well as advancing national security objectives.  

This overview prepares us for a thorough examination of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers in the country in 2024. We dive into the factors underlying their accomplishments including their crucial role in advancing India to a better, scientifically independent tomorrow by means of an examination of the company’s main investments,  scientific discoveries, as well as marketing tactics.  

Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in India in the Year 2024 

Rank Company  Name Headquarters Revenue  (INR billions) 
Bharat  Electronics  Limited Bangalore, India 100 
CDIL Delhi, India 50 
Applied  Materials Bangalore, India 40 
TSMC India Tamil Nadu,  India 30 
Micron  Technology Hyderabad, India 20 
Solex Energy Limited Gurgaon, India 15 
Masamb  Electronics Mumbai, India 10 
Semtronics  Micro Systems Pune, India 
Samsung  Semiconductor  India Delhi, India 
10 Broadcom Bengaluru, India 

Bharat Electronics Limited  

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 Image Source: 

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) will maintain its position as India’s top microchip manufacturer through 2024.  

• Known as a provider of innovative semiconductor gadgets along with capabilities. 

• The comprehensive product comprises specialist ICs and memory modules, including embedded processors.  

• Important uses in the protection, airplanes, etc., telecommunications industries are powered by BEL’s semiconductors.  

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• Continued creativity and technical improvement are fostered by significant R&D  concentration.  

• Strong production capacities guarantee high-quality goods that adhere to international guidelines.  

• Targeted partnerships and agreements strengthen BEL’s leadership within the microprocessor sector.  

• Its position within India’s most prominent semiconductor businesses is firmly established by a successful record of achievement and trust from clients.  


Headquarters: Bangalore, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 100. 


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 Image Source:,cdil_1312/ 

• In 2024, CDIL (Continental Device India Limited) will be amongst India’s most prominent microprocessor manufacturers.  

• Recognized for making a variety of high-caliber semiconductor gadgets. 

• A wide range of products, including semiconductors, power lawmakers, as well as LEDs

• Relied upon by sectors like telecommuting, transportation, and electronic goods. 

• Strong dedication towards innovative innovation and technological advancement. 

• Durability is guaranteed by compliance with worldwide quality norms.

• CDIL’s steady expansion and market leadership reinforce its standing as a leader in the area of semiconductors.  

• Set up towards 2024 triumph within the Indian electronics industry.


Headquarters: Delhi, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 50. 

Applied Materials  

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 Image Source: 

Applied Materials will hold its current position amongst India’s largest electronic companies through 2024.  

• Famous company that provides innovative innovations and production tools for semiconductors.  

• Contributes significantly to strengthening the physical foundation of India’s microprocessor manufacturing.  

• Promotes development by working with national as well as global technology businesses. 

• A major participant in meeting India’s expanding need for sophisticated technology goods. 

• Exhibits a dedication to promoting the nation’s economic development and technical improvement. 

• Collaborations, as well as expenditures, help to explain its leading position across the sector.  


Headquarters: Bangalore, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 40. 

TSMC India  

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 Image Source: 

• In 2024, TSMC India will have an established spot among the roster of the top 10  semiconductor firms throughout India.  

• Has a reputation for having cutting-edge semiconductor production technologies. 

• Modern facilities as well as innovative methods of production for semiconductors. 

• A key participant within India’s electronics environment who advances technology. 

• Innovation-promoting cooperation with top IT companies.  

• The dedication of TSMC India to excellence and dependability strengthens the company’s leadership among competitors in the Indian electronics market.  

• Is considered to be crucial in the expansion of India’s electronics fabrication sector.


Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 30.

Micron Technology  

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Image Source: 

• Throughout 2024, Creation Infoways will be the top marketing firm throughout India.  In the year 2024, Micron Technology will rank among the leading 10 microprocessor businesses in India.  

Leading the way in technical developments with its memory as well as storage technologies.  

• Succeeding in the expanding semiconductor business in India, serving a variety of sectors. 

• Micron stays at the forefront of innovation because of strong R&D initiatives as well as modern technologies.  

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• Partnerships involving powerful Indian IT companies strengthen their standing.

• The memory chip industry’s future success depends on a dedication to excellence and creativity.  

• Micron is essential to India’s technological development. 


Headquarters: Hyderabad, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 20. 

Solex Energy Limited  

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 Image Source: 

• Within 2024, Solex Energy Corporation will be a significant participant in the electronics sector. 

• Known for using state-of-the-art semiconductor production methods. 

• Has a focus on making environmentally friendly processors that are powerful. 

• A significant dedication to R&D, fosters invention.  

• Cooperation with top IT companies increases its marketplace impact. 

• Helping India become self-sufficient in manufacturing transistors and grow technologically.  

• Its position is boosted by strong economic results and consistent expansion. 

• Atop the list of the highest 10 Indian microchip businesses during 2024 is Solex Energy  Limited.  


Headquarters: Gurgaon, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 15. 

Masamb Electronics  


 Image Source: 

• The renowned listing among the most prominent Semiconductor Manufacturers within  India during 2024 includes Masamb Electronics.  

• Well-known because of its ability to manufacture innovative semiconductors. 

• Has a focus on creating cutting-edge semiconductors that incorporate devices. 

• Effective collaborations with significant tech behemoths contribute to the company’s achievement.  

• Ongoing development and R&D initiatives fuel rivalry within the sector. 

• Its dedication to reliability and superior workmanship has made it a well-known brand in electronics technologies. Masamb Electronics’ development pattern has cemented its place amongst the top microchip producers in India.  


Headquarters: Mumbai, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 10.

Semtronics Micro Systems  

kaMDPk1If1QKi49DV1kbfzfaChZdYFJdnjoUeGt s1VcuY9B2cSmGxZQfMUvYXHaZbE7t 79 r3W2MP9ZHUW2987XvbrFN7UFA8aQI036w77pun7NHukdhW88fDrfNV XuvpUne0Zuj0bkAlwGNDHs

 Image Source:

• Semtronics Micro Technologies will continue to rank amongst the nation’s top 10 Indian semiconductor manufacturers through 2024.  

• Well-known for providing innovative equipment as well as semiconductor production.  Has ICs, or integrated circuits, as an area of expertise across a variety of industrial purposes.  

• Working together with major international IT companies to demonstrate its expertise in the field.  

• Dependable semiconductor parts throughout a variety of industries, such as computers as well as the automobile.  

• Keeps making a big contribution to India’s electronics infrastructure. 

• Is projected to be essential to the country’s technical development.


Headquarters: Pune, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 5.

Samsung Semiconductor India  

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 Image Source: 

• Around 2024, Samsung Semiconductor India will have a significant place amongst India’s leading electronics firms.  

• Noted because of the company’s production prowess as well as innovative semiconductor innovation.  

• Being the industry leader in the creation of cutting-edge semiconductor devices.

  • A significant contributor to India’s semiconductor business’s expansion as well as technical development.  

• A significant dedication to R&D fosters creativity.  

• Assisting India in becoming self-sufficient in the production of semiconductors. 

• A demonstration of Samsung’s international standing and local influence. 

• With the promise of an upward trajectory, it has been selected as an expert within India’s semiconductor industry.  


Headquarters: Delhi, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 4.

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 Image Source: 

• In the year 2024, Broadcom, an innovator in the semiconductor industry, will retain an important foothold throughout India.  

• Recognized innovative the latest advances across connectivity and mobile communications technology.  

• Their dominant position and impact are increased by partnerships involving Indian technology heavyweights.  

• Supplies vital elements for India’s burgeoning telecommunications as well as technology industry.  

• Broadcom’s expansion within the Indian microchip sector is fueled by its dedication to studying as well as innovation.  

• It maintains its ranking among the leading 10 semiconductor businesses within the country by collaborating strategically as well as developing. 


Headquarters: Bengaluru, India.  

Revenue (INR billions): 3. 


Q: What area of the semiconductors business is Bharat Electronics Limited mostly focused on by itself?  

A: Supplier of computerized military as well as aeronautical systems for customers in India and throughout the world.  

Q: Which segments of the semiconductor business can CDIL concentrate on?  

A: Manufacturing individual transistors, including amplification across a range of technological purposes.  

Q: Which role do Application Materials play in the microprocessor industry in India? 

A: A global pioneer in supplying chip producers with machinery, offerings, and technology. 

Q: What does TSMC India add to the global semiconductors market?  

A: A division of Taiwan Semiconductors, which is a significant chip producer. 

Q: For whatever within the semiconductor sector is Micron Technology so renowned? 

A: Recognized for providing memory and diskette products for PCs and information servers. 

Q: Which semiconductor market segment does Solex Energy Company occupy? 

A: Producer of organic photovoltaic panels, promoting alternative energy sources. 

Q: Why do Masamb Devices stand apart from others in the electronics industry? 

A: Focuses on producing and assembling electrical appliances and materials. 

Q: What kind of electronics company knowledge does Semtronics Micro Systems have?  

A: Offers numerous sectors of bespoke semiconductor packing as well as manufacturing solutions.  

Q: Which position of the global manufacturing industry should Samsung Semiconductor India engage in?

A: Assisting in the manufacture and research of semiconductors as a member of the Samsung  Group.  

Q: What impact could Broadcom have on the electronic component market there in India?  

A: Developing and manufacturing an extensive spectrum of infrastructure-related software as well as silicon components. 


Around the end, the sector of semiconductors within India in 2024 is projected to be a vibrant as well as competitive one. The nation’s leading 10 manufacturers of semiconductors have proven flexibility, durability, and inventiveness, securing India’s place as an important force within the international electronics industry.  

These businesses have made significant strides as well as impressive development, which has enhanced both the nation’s ability to innovate as well as its financial strength. The companies have continually challenged the limits that can be accomplished within semiconductor manufacturing by putting a strong emphasis on advancement and research, cooperation, and a thorough awareness of market developments. 

Additionally, those top 10 businesses have contributed significantly to a number of industries,  including telecommunications, electronic goods, the automobile industry, and additional information. Their efforts to the creation of innovative products like AI, IoT, and 5G  infrastructure demonstrate their dedication to influencing the direction of technology.  

The leading firms are currently in a position to have an increasingly more significant contribution to developing abilities, promoting inventiveness, and improving India’s international status in the industry of semiconductors while the nation proceeds to make investments in semiconductor production as well as development. Their accomplishments in  2024 constitute a monument to their commitment while they are prepared to deal with the possibilities and difficulties that may arise in this constantly changing industry.  

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