Top 5 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Founders

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies would always be in the news. After the 2017 ICO boom, things have changed for cryptocurrencies.

Actually, when has the cryptocurrency industry ever been certain? On the other hand, the biographies of the wealthiest cryptocurrency millionaires offer a wealth of information regarding the possible impact of cryptocurrencies on banking.

Take into account the struggles faced by the guy who in the early days of cryptocurrency acceptance sold 10,000 Bitcoin for pizza.

However, because they coexist with Apps, NFTs, and a wide variety of other inventive web3 programs, cryptocurrencies are no longer considered to be separate things.

The $2 trillion market for cryptocurrency presents a huge opportunity to become wealthy, which some people have already done. The founders list of crypto is given below, along with brief summaries of each person’s life.

Leading Crypto Billionaires in 2022

The lucrative potential of cryptocurrencies is one of the main drivers of their appeal. Manycrypto investors have been able to turn their cryptocurrencies into money-making machines thanks to the phenomenal increase in crypto token values over the last two weeks.

However, a lot of investors have found themselves on the losing side of the equation and have sustained large losses. The top cryptocurrency billionaires must possess some distinctive traits or strategies that allowed them to survive in an unforgiving environment and prosper financially.

We shall get to know some of the richest cryptocurrency billionaires on the list below.

1. Changpeng Zhao

The biggest cryptocurrency investor is Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, who has a net worth of $65 billion. As of March 2022, he was the 19th wealthiest person in the planet.

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CZ derives the most of his wealth from Binance, where he owns 70% of the shares. Actually, in 2021, Binance facilitated about two thirds of all trading activity on regulated exchanges.

More than $16 billion in anticipated revenues were reported by Binance. Furthermore, Changpeng Zhao owns a sizeable amount of Bitcoins in addition to an undisclosed amount of BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance.

Furthermore, if major purchases are anticipated, CZ may stay on the list of cryptocurrency billionaires for a longer time. For instance, Binance has stated that it intends to make large investments in Forbes, its parent company.

2. Sam Bankman-Fried

The youngest crypto millionaire is the second person on the list, who is 30 years old. In 2021, Sam Bankman-Fried moved to the Bahamas to take advantage of the country’s crypto-friendly environment.

In addition, his cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, raised more than $400 million in January despite having a $32 billion worth. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, buyout firm Thoma Bravo, crypto VC firm Paradigm, and VC firm Sequoia are a few notable backers of the project.

Investors recently estimated the value of the US operations to be approximately $8 billion. At such a young age, Sam is one of the most well-known crypto billionaires and declares himself to be in favor of effective altruism.

Sam Bankman-Fried has made the surprising decision to donate his bitcoin fortune over the course of his lifetime. Sam holds more than $7 billion in FTT, FTX’s native coin, and 50% of the company.

3. Brian Armstrong

The next leading contender for the top 10 list of bitcoin billionaires is Brian Armstrong. He is the CEO and founder of Coinbase, with an estimated net worth of $6.6 billion. When Coinbase went public in April 2021, it was valued at $100 billion.

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The market capitalization at this time is significantly lower than the starting price. Nevertheless, it is enough to move Armstrong, who only owns 19% of Coinbase, up to third position among the wealthiest cryptocurrency investors in 2022.

In 2022, Brian Armstrong sparked controversy by urging that employees refrain from having any kind of political discussion at work.

He purchased a Bel-Air mansion in January for $133 million, making it the most expensive real estate deal ever in the area. Additionally, Armstrong vehemently opposes the new crypto law proposals from the EU Parliament.

4. Gary Wang

Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang, the chief technology officer and co-founder of FTX, are both significant contributors to the project.

Sam and Steve Wang worked together to successfully launch FTX in 2019 despite Steve’s disdain of the media.

One of the richest crypto millionaires, Wang owns a 16% share in the worldwide corporation FTX and has a net worth of $5.9 billion.

Additionally, he owns FTT tokens, which are worth approximately $600 million. Wang formerly held the position of software engineer at Google, where he worked on the online travel agency Google Flights.

The MIT computer science and math graduate has made a name for himself in the cryptocurrency industry.

5. Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen has shown that being successful financially should never be limited by one’s age. Chris Larsen, 61, the executive chairman and co-founder of Ripple, has a $4.3 billion fortune.

The eighth-largest cryptocurrency in the world right now is XRP, the native coin of Ripple. Due to an SEC action filed against him, Chris Larsen is a well-known addition to the list of cryptocurrency billionaires.

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Inconsistencies in the Ripple ICO appear to be mentioned in the case, along with claims of selling unregistered securities.

Users may now trust Larsen and the Ripple network because they have publicly denied the accusations. In addition, Larsen has teamed up with environmentalists to launch the “Change the Code, Not the Climate” campaign.

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