Top and Best Co-working Space Companies in UK
Top and Best Co-working Space Companies in UK

Top and Best Co-working Space Companies in UK

Co-working spaces are no stranger to the United Kingdom, where they have managed to become hubs for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers to start their business. Instead of a traditional office set up, which also requires you to save up for it, co working spaces provide flexible offices spaces with amenities and features you need to kick start your great idea.

Having to choose from UK’s best can be very overwhelming. There are a variety of factors one needs to consider before investing, such as, budget, industry, amenities required and preference for access frequency. Keep reading find the top and best co-working space companies in the United Kingdom that can choose from.


Based in Manchester and having two working space, We Work is the most popular choice in the country for the creative lot. Notably known to be the oasis for entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses, it has a very promising environment. They seek to provide accommodative work space, individual offices, and large conference rooms over three floors of a contemporary and well-lit 14-storey building. The amenities they provide are also one of the very best. The office spaces are pet friendly, so do not worry about leaving your pet alone at home while you’re working on your dreams. With bike storage units and well connected through metro lines, it goes out be the most feasible. Having said that, it is not going to be the cheapest option but certainly shall be well equipped for your ideas.

2.Code Base

Based in Edinburgh and being the largest tech incubator in the United Kingdom, it is fast growing with its expansion of office spaces. Apart from offering the best office spaces, they also cater support to all startups. New businesses that require frequent networking and informative events, Code Base shall make sure you get it. An office for over 80 people can be arranged to if you are looking for a more permanent one.

3.The Assembly

Based in Manchester, the Assemble is the place that can make you feel part of a greater community which its collaborative office working spaces. With prices sky rocketing, the Assembly has a 10 pounds a day policy which gives you access to all amenities, such as tea and coffee for your all-nighters, for a whole 24 hours. It can be classified as a space that can be more permanent in nature compared to the relative competition in the market. They also offer a free client meeting room that has a capacity of over 12 people is easily available.


Based in Newcastle, Tuspark was started by a Chinese company providing co-working spaces that really filled the gaps in startups in Newcastle. Barclays Eagle Labs is also based in this office space along with Founders Friday events being conducted quite regularly here. It recognizes itself as an incubator along with being known for an amazing co-working space company. They also provide the users with amenities such as, have access to legal, intellectual property and accounting support teams to help you plan your business the right way.

5.Keyboards and Dreams

A ray of hope and a shining light for the tech companies in London is this co-working space. With a starting rate of 350 pounds a month for a dedicated working space, the company offers private office spaces for ten in 3,600 pounds. What this place lacks are a few amenities that other co working spaces could offer, such as hot desk, cleaners and security. Although if you are after a stripped back, sleek place to build your future with a great internet speed, Key boards and Dreams can be a very wise option.

6.The Moseley Exchange

Being Birmingham’s very first co working space, is this company sitting right next to Moseley Hall Hospital. The spade is feasible for businesses and startups of all sizes. With drop-in memberships, users get a 16 hour access a month for little more than 2 pounds an hour, while being offered all the in-house amenities. They provide secure desks (that being permanently yours), co-working plus programmes, meeting rooms that can fit up to 10 people and individual offices.

7.Duke Studios

A hidden gem based in Leeds; Duke Studios is an efficient co-working space company. The studio is accessible along with having an option of renting a permanent desk, all for your start up ideas. A minimum 115 pounds a month for a recent co working space with unlimited supplies of tea, exclusive discounts on nearby cafes, bars and restaurants and easy commuting is what makes the space even more desirable.


Based in the heart of Bradford, this 16-desk co working space includes sole traders and small startups working in all kinds of fields, including design, content marketing, illustration and technology. There is absolutely no dearth of opportunities here, especially in terms of amenities provided. Once your business is established for starters, Assembly can be a very good platform to grow your business.

9.Pervasive Media Studio

Based in Bristol, is this incredible cultural work place. It has been home for many tech bros, artists and other creators constantly working on improving their businesses and ideas. The have regular events to help collaborate the teams closely along with weekly lunch time talks to inspire young minds. Being run with collaboration with two universities in the city, allowing a lot of supply of potential entrepreneurs to start their new business here.

10.Ormeau Baths

Based in Belfast, a former bath house, transformed into a tech hub along with being the home to Barclays Eagle Labs in the city. Berths in the baths house start from 145 pounds a month and has been an effect9ive working space of startups in the North Irish capital. Also being linked to Ulster University and DogPatch Labs in Dublin, the company has access to some great ideas and startups. If you want to start your business with a decent space and rent, Ormeau baths is the place.



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