Top Venture Capital Firms in India

Venture Capital Firms in India
Top Venture Capital Firms in India
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How does a Venture Capital Firm work?

These Venture Capital Firms are basically investors or a group of investors who invest in startup businesses and risky businesses where general banks do not willing to take the risks.  They get paid from the profits which those funded businesses make after years of their investment. They invest in companies in the early stage in exchange of equity of the company which proves beneficial for them if the business runs well in future.

There are high chances of failure in this scenario as the companies are till striving to make a make in the market. However, if there are gains, the rates of gain are also very high.

1.Accel partners

Accel Partners is an American Base Company which was founded in 1983. It mainly aims at internet technology companies. It has been investing around $500 thousand to $50 million depending on the kind of company. Over the years it has already made around 300 investments. The top companies funded by this Firm are Myntra, Book My Show, Flipkart, BabyOye and many more.      

2.Nexus venture partners

In 2009 and 2012 Nexus Venture Partners was granted as the best venture capital firm by the Venture Intelligence APEX. In the seed stage, this firm invests up to $500000 to $10 million in the early stage of the startup. This firm focuses on Data Security, Mobile, Energy, Consumer business and Media. Till date, it has made about 20 investments and the value of the investments have varied from $100 million to $125 million. The startups funded by this firm are SnapDeal, Delhivery and Housing.

3.Kalaari capital

This Firm by Vani Kola is a Bangalore based firm. This is focused on technology-based companies. It has funded companies like Myntra, Zivame, UrbanLadder and the like. It is a $160 million firm. It has been investing up to $1 to $5 million in tech companies in India and all over the globe.

4.Venture east

This is one of the oldest standing venture funds in India. It is known for investing in seed startups. The top names in the firm are Sarath Naru, Siddhartha Das and Ramesh Alur. It funds for Financial Service firms, Consumer and retail funds, Pharma and Life Sciences and the like. The companies funded by this firm are Goli Vada Pav, Little Eye Labs and many more.

5.Blume Ventures

This is a home-grown venture capital which is based out of Mumbai. It works with a collaborative approach in funding start-ups. The investment size ranges from Rs 100 crores for 2.5 years. It has made more than 50 investments till date. It has funded Carbon Clean Solutions, Exotel, etc.

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6.Helion venture partners

It is a $600 million company which is based out of Mauritius. It invests in technology and technology-powered businesses and eCommerce companies. It has funded companies like EyeQ, and many more.

7.Intel Capital

It is one of the very popular businesses in India funding a lot of companies across the country. It has been working in Indian markets since 1991. It has invested as much as $12.3 billion in over 1530 companies all across the globe. It has funded startups like SnapDeal. The value of the investment ranges up to S200 million and funded over 35 companies till date.

8.Sequoia Capital

It is another very popular Venture Capital Firms in India. It is an American company which is in the air from 1972. It works in the startups for sectors like financial, healthcare outsourcing and internet. It has funded more than 100 companies till date. The startups funded by this company include JustDial, Practo and many more. You can get fund from $1 million to $100 million in companies depending on the growth stage the company is in.

9.Inventus capital partners

Inventus Captial Partners is known to fund more than 100 small to big companies which was worth over $30 million. It has funded from $1 million to $10 million for small to medium-sized companies such as Policy bazaar, Poshmark and many more. The investment value of this firm ranges up to $240 million.

10.SAIF Partners

This is another firm which started not long ago, in 2001. It invests in IT companies, investor products. The funding ranges from $.5 to $35 million. Till now it has funded as many as 50 firms across India. Some of the popular startups which got funded by SAIF Partners include Just Dial, Paytm, HomeShop 18, Book My Show and many others.

11.Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network is one of the known Venture Capitalist firms in India which came up in April 2006. They are group of individual investors who fund startups in the early stage. They have high-risk and high return policy. They have funded Box 8, Starzilla, Web Engage and many more. It has funded as many as 30000 companies in India.

12.500 Startups

This venture capital firm is based out of Silicon Valley and has $3350 million assets. Over the years it has invested in more than 2000 companies. It focuses on the design and data industries. It has funded top companies like ZipDial and Backtape.

13.Y combinator

Y Combinator is one of the more sought-after Venture Capital Firms in India. It has alumni’s from companies like Airbnb and reddit. It has funded companies like Meesho.

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14.Unicorn India

This focuses on high growth companies and provides equity products to growing Indian companies.  This firm has its offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

15.Jungle Ventures

More than 40 members across the world are known to be a part of this venture. It is a Singapore based Venture Capital Firm which funds digital media and ecommerce companies. The top startups funded by this company include Crayon, Pokkt, Ekstop, etc.

16.IDG India Ventures

This Venture Capital Firm has a worth of $4 billion with a well-known presence in India. It invests from $1 million to $10 million in companies depending on the stage and kind of company. It has funded popular companies such as, First Cry, Ozone and Myntra. It has funded more than 200 companies across the globe and has invested about $50 to $70 million in India.

17.BESSEMER Venture Partners

This US-based venture Capital firm has its offices in Bangalore. It has funded as long ago as 1991. It focuses on Mobile, Cyber Security, Healthcare and Finances. It has made investments in over 20+ companies in India. The value of investment ranges from $50 million. The popular companies funded are  SnapDeal, taxi for sure, etc.

18.Canaan Partners

Canaan Partners is a global venture capital firm which has opened its office in Delhi. It had started its operations in India in 2000 and by 2006 it had its own office in India to meet the increasing demand. It invests from $50 thousand to $50 million on various ranges of startups and the investments ranges up to 7 years.  The companies funded by Canaan partners include CarTrade, Bharat Matrimony. The Value of investments ranges $250 to $300 million in India.

19.DFJ India

The assets of this company are about $4 billion. It invests in financing and commercial services sector. It has funded companies such as iYogi, Bharath Light and Power. It has made more than 100 investments. The value of the investments ranges from $50 million.

20.Fidelity Growth Partners

This is a subsidiary of Fidelity International Limited which started investment in 2008. It invests in Healthcare and Consumer manufacturing companies. It puts $10 to $50 million at stake for stratup companies. It has invested in Yebhi and similar companies.

21.Norwest Venture Partners

This is a global firm which has offices prime locations of Bangalore and Mumbai. It invests in telecom, finance and internet industries. Its investments range from $15 million to $75 million. Till now it has made up to 30 investments and the value of the investment made is as much as  $200 million.

22.Kleiner Perkins

This venture firm is not based out of India anymore but it has made some huge investments in some of the top Indian companies. Over 30 companies received funding from this firm before it left India. The investment value ranges from $50 million to $70 million. Companies which got funding from this venture capital firm are Cleartrip, Greendust and In Mobi.

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23.Steadview Capital

Flipkart is one of the top companies which have received a huge amount of funding from Steadview capital. Among other companies which have received funding form, this Venture Capital Firm include Saavn, Ola Cabs, Urban Ladder. This firm has invested in a limited number of firms, as many as 15 but all of them are large companies with great profit.

24.Zodius Capital

The Zodius Capital became operational in India in 2011. It helps to fund and speed up the process of growth of a startup company right from the seed stage. The top bosses of this company include names such as Gautam Patel and Neeraj Bhargava. Zodiac Capital invests in Big Data Analytics companies, Education and Digital Media firms. The startups funded by this company include BigBasket, Culture machine and many more.

25.Qualcomm Ventures

The name you should know in this company is, Karthee Masadamy. It is one of the fortune 500 companies which have made its mark across the globe. The startups funded by this firm include the Capillary, Deck, Housing, Portea etc. It mainly focuses on Business software, Hardware and Healthcare industries.

26.Warburg Pincus

This is one of the popular global equity firms. It has $37 billion firms in terms of assets. It has invested in 120 companies. The name to look out for in this company includes Hari Ravichandran. They invest in Financial Services, Healthcare and Real Estate. The top companies funded by them include Biba, Quikr and Lemon Tree. This company invests in large extent in seed companies.

27.Ascent Capital

Ascent Capitals has funded companies such as BigBasket which is doing a lot of profit these days. It invests around $10 million to $30 million. The known name for this company is Raja Kumar. The company focuses on Consumer brands, Technology and E-commerce.

28.Axon Partner Group

A little different from the rest Axon Partner Group invests in Gaming industries and Biotechnology Industries. The investment structure ranges from 100000 thousand dollars to $25 million placed across various growth phases., Hot Hotels and iYogi which are still in their growing stage have been funded by this firm.

29.Bain Capital Private Equity

Bain Capital Private Equity is by large one of the most profitable funding industries. It is known for its strategic and analytical investment resources which are essential for the fast growth of the company.  They invest between $5 million to as much as $1 billion. They invest in dining, finance and business, technology, media and many more. They have funded BPL, Biglobe, Atento and the like. The known name for this company includes Samonnoi Bannerjee.

30.Basil Partners

They work as an early Investor Venture Capitalist firms which invest in companies in the earliest stages. It invests in other Asian countries as well. They draw a minimum revenue of $5 million. The invested companies by Basil Partners include Karmic Life Sciences and Endeavour Software Technologies.       The firm invests in mostly It companies all across the world.

31.Battery Ventures

HackerRank is the company that has been funded by Battery Ventures. This firm invests in every stage of a company’s life and creatively matches the businesses with various ideas. It has a field experience of over 30 years. AppDynamics is another company which is funded by this firm.

Conclusion :

So if you are planning to get funding for your next startup you could look at the mentioned companies and make sure that you get the best one to partner up with right from the earliest stage of your company. Choosing the right Venture capital Firm to fund your company will not only accelerate the growth of your company but also allow you to think freely in terms of expansion of the company far and wide in terms of the business.

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