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Here we go with my Voiclet review, howdy, and thanks for stopping by, Where I provide unbiased reviews of digital products and exclusive benefits if you decide to buy something I recommend.

Ben Murray, the developer of Voiclet, is also responsible for many other high-quality programs, including Reputor, Local Reputor, Video Game Suite, Rewardsly, Forrk, YT Suite, QuizMatic, Linkable, Massfluence, and dozens more.

Therefore, the burning question is whether or not Voiclet is truly worth the cost. If it meets all the criteria, I’ll let you know and if it does, you’ll get some great extras that you can only get from me right now.

My intention is to assist you in reaching a well-considered conclusion so that you can avoid squandering your resources. The next part of my Voiclet Review will explain what Voiclet is and how it might benefit your business.

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Just what does “Voiclet” mean?

Voiclet is a cloud-based application for making high-converting HD video sales pitches to prospective customers. This shortens the customer journey from start to finish to just one click, which increases conversion rates by a factor of ten.

No longer do businesses have to waste time and money on convoluted and expensive funnel builders, chat bots, webinar systems, follow-up sequences, and other antiquated sales funnel technologies.

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Voiclet makes it easy to categorize campaigns according to kind and client, and then designate a specialized team of agents to handle each campaign’s incoming calls. Put several people on any campaign.

The next step is to make a “magic video link” that will take customers directly to a premade sales funnel in the form of a video or voice recording.

To ensure that no leads are lost due to distraction, the video call will begin instantly upon clicking the “magic video link.” You can also opt to design a smart chat widget that, when clicked, launches a voice or video call with an agent that can be included on any standard funnel page.

Location of the Vocal Ensemble

You may promote the link to your enchanted video funnel on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Instagram, blogs, and anywhere else you can think of. The link will take interested parties directly to a live salesperson who is prepared to make a sale when they click it.

Using secure methods, agents can now record calls, screen share, modify volume, and more during conversations. In addition, if there is no answer, the link can be redirected to a standard sales page or support page where a note can be left.

Produce video sales funnels to promote your own offerings or those of your clients. You may even charge a hefty monthly subscription to incorporate clients into the software so they can manage their own inbound video funnels.

View detailed metrics like as the percentage of available agents, the length of video calls, the number of minutes spent, and more at any moment. The next part of my Voiclet Review will explain the program’s operation.

Voiclet Demo Video Explains Its Unique Function

Let’s go on to the next part of my Voiclet Review and talk about the costs and add-ons for using Voiclet.

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Review of Voiclet’s Fees and Add-ons
The front-end software Voiclet will set you back $37. The introductory offer price you see right now is valid only while supplies last.

It’s possible that prices will go up once the launch period finishes on December 18th, 2022. In addition, the frontend access can function normally even without the upgrades; however, it has some restrictions.

The number of upsells has increased to 5. You don’t have to learn all of them to use Voiclet; nonetheless, you may find some of them helpful. Additional savings can be achieved by purchasing the package.

OTO 1: Fast Pass Bundle $230

Following the initial offer in the sales funnel, the ‘Fast Pass’ package deal will be presented. Customers who have already purchased the FE will have the option to add the bundle to their order at a discounted rate.

All the upsells are included in one package, and you may buy it all at a single, low price.

A first-tier upsell, the Voiclet PRO, costs $127.
Make as many video and audio calls as you like
Take the Voiclet name off those widgets.
Get as many leads as you want.
Expand the number of available agents
Make as many ads as you like
Faster than normal call connection for VIPs
Gains for Highly-Rated Experts
Prime video-editing waiting time
Streamr, a premium app that enables hands-free live-streaming for small enterprises, provides access to this technology.

Upsell 2: Voiclet PRO $127

Using their exclusive VIP offer, they will ensure you get your first Voiclet customer. Includes:

Tech developed by team members is licensed and integrated by outsourcing companies.
A Do It Yourself (‘DFY’) ‘VideoFunnel’ Agency Website with an Easy-to-Use Editing Platform and a Do It Yourself (‘DFY’) Hosting Plan to Promote and
Lead Videos for Your Video Agency, Done for You: Bring in more business with a DFY approach.
Complete Voiclet reselling kit including all marketing assets.
With the help of the ready-to-use Voiclet Whitelabel VIP call scripts, organizations can ensure that their agents are effectively closing leads each and every month.
You can use or resell Voiclet’s white-label PPC SOPs to help your clients execute successful local Adwords ads.
In addition, Voiclet includes personalized assistance to further ensure your success. They will assist you in launching your first advertising campaign, clarifying any points of confusion in your training, and generating initial leads.

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Upsell 3: Voiclet VIP $67

Permission to open an unlimited number of agency accounts
Ability to “white-label” the software with one’s own name, brand identity, and aesthetic
Get the training you need to outsource and quickly expand your local agency.
Video Agency Suite – Everything you need to gain clients, including logos, print-on-demand materials, swipes, a contract, and a legal agreement.
Privileges reserved for Platinum-Level VIPs
4th Upsell: $49 for Voicely’s Unlimited Plan
Voicely is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can convert text to a human-sounding voiceover in a matter of seconds. Use natural-sounding voiceovers to create video advertisements, entire VSLs, and more.

Upsell 4: Voiclet Platinum $97

With VidToon, you can make marketing videos in a Disney style in a matter of minutes, complete with a cast of animated ambassadors from all over the world. This incredible software will allow you to run your own successful video animation marketing agency.

Upsell 5: Voicely Unlimited Special $49

You get the first offer plus all the upsells in this package for a single low price. On the product page, the price will say $317, but if you enter the coupon code BUNDLESECRET at checkout, you’ll save $50.

Hot Bonuses Packages Voicely

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