Water Guns and Super Soakers – Info, Tips, Tests & Recommendations

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A water pistol is not just a joy for both young and old in the summer. Who doesn’t like having a super soaker battle with their loved ones to get them wet? It doesn’t matter if the water gun is taken out in the garden or with friends in the swimming pool.

Of course, a water gun, for example, a tactical water gun, is one of the most important companions on the beach or in the swimming pool.

The fun factor never really goes away. Especially since you only need water for this, the water adventure can begin! Whether intended for the younger generation in the paddling pool or for the “water gun professional” with the highest demands: quality, equipment and price always play a major role in the purchase decision.

You will find detailed information on this page and where to shop for electric water guns and other types of water toys. We hope to help you with your purchase decision to get a high-performance water gun tailored to your individual needs at a good price-performance ratio.

The water pistol in action

How does a water gun work?

The function of a water pistol is generally easy to explain. It works like a water pump. The liquid is filled in a hollow interior, but mostly in a water tank. There is a small hole at the front from which the water is sprayed outwards by a generated pressure.

The filled water is pumped directly from the tank to the mouth through the trigger. As soon as the pump trigger is depressed, the valve closes, and the water shoots out of the tank. Ranges of several meters can also be achieved over a longer period. As soon as the pump’s handle is pulled up, the valve at the bottom opens, and the water flows into the pressure chamber.

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It is different from battery-operated water pistols. Here the water pressure is built up with a battery-operated pump. In summary, a water gun works as follows:

  1. Fill the tank with water;
  2. Fill the tank with air by pumping; an overpressure is created;
  3. Pulling the trigger opens the valve, and the excess pressure discharges through the nozzle and pushes the water in the tank outwards.

Is a small or large hole more effective?

A smaller hole creates greater pressure, and the water has to displace more. This results in a larger range with a small hole. The water splashes further through a small hole and then through a large hole. The process can be seen in a similar way with a garden hose. If the hose’s nozzle is adjusted so that the opening is small, the water will shoot out further. A water gun works like a pump with pressure.

Children mostly use a water gun or a super soaker. Especially since these usually do not cause any serious damage. All in all, a water gun is a versatile toy that is particularly popular on warmer summer days to cool off with an additional fun factor.

Water pistols as a fun factor for young and old

Water pistols are a hit at every garden or pool party. Once refilled, a water pistol will last a very long time, and you can give some a cool down. With a Super Soaker, the water is used up faster, but it’s also more fun to start a battle with. That is why the large Super Soakers also have an enormous filling volume.

With water pistols, you can form two or more teams very well and even start a longer terrain game with hiding and seek or “Capture the flag” in larger terrain. The ranges of some Super Soakers are several meters long to make it exciting. Another option would be to do a “Super Soaker Can Shoot” instead of the traditional “shoot” or “can toss.”

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This is an ideal pastime for those who like to do something in the fresh air on summer days and don’t want to sit at the computer. The best thing about water pistols is that apart from the water pistol, all you need is water, and the adventure can begin.

7 reasons to use a water gun

  • Leisure activities: You have an activity for the warmer days that you can do well in the garden or on the beach.
  • Society: By buying a water gun, you will have company and always have an ace up your sleeve.
  • Beach body: You can always look good on the beach and impress those around you.
  • Value for money: A water gun doesn’t cost much and has a good price-performance ratio.
  • Garden parties: Your next garden party will be a hit with water or electric water guns.
  • Protection: Not to be scoffed at is that you can keep foreign intruders such as cats or small animals away with the help of a water gun.
  • Pastime: Not only can you cool down in a more fun way, but you can also use a water gun to pass the time and think up water games, for example.


A water gun is an ideal fun tool for both kids and adults. It doesn’t stop only with that; you can also get other types like the AK splatter gun for fun. All these fun toys are available at the number one store for outdoor and indoor activities, Yard Tactics.

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