Why you Need to Start Scheduling your Instagram Posts in 2023

Why you Need to Start Scheduling your Instagram Posts in 2023
Why you Need to Start Scheduling your Instagram Posts in 2023

This post was most recently updated on February 27th, 2023

Scheduling Instagram posts is an excellent method to save effort, increase efficiency, as well as achieve tangible returns on Instagram. Honestly, I mean it. As a bonus, this can be done without the use of an expensive 3rd party application. 

A new feature was added to Instagram’s API in January 2018 that allowed users to schedule their impending posts. Companies and content providers may now publish automatically in real time instead of powering up their phones whenever they need to post something. If they like, they can set up automatic posting and avoid all the hassle.

Here’s why you need to start scheduling your Instagram posts.


Among the most compelling arguments for pre-planning your Instagram posts is that you’ll save time. You won’t believe how much work you’ll spare. It’s a lot of work to locate the right picture, tweak it, then re-tweak it again, find another one, edit that as well, create a caption, grow irritated, and eventually upload it. 

When did you finish that? Thirty mins? An hour? That’s a long time for a single post. One could avoid all this hassle with a good plan, choose all of your photographs beforehand, pan out a nice and eye-catching caption, and then schedule out days’ worth of stuff in just a couple of minutes.

Make Your Feed Stand Out

As soon as someone visits your page, you have a very short window of opportunity to convince them to become a fan. That’s why maintaining a well-designed Instagram presence is so critical. 

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The greatest approach to getting a new following is scheduling your Instagram posts. Instagram scheduling allows you to prepare the appearance of your feed in advance and produce Instagram Stories that are consistent with your page’s style. 

When it comes to planning and designing your Instagram feed, Later’s Visual Instagram Planner is a great tool to use. With just a few clicks, you can re-arrange your photographs to preview how they’ll appear in your newsfeed and then publish them accordingly.


Instagram captions are really critical! Having the finest pictures for your Instagram feed isn’t enough; you also need to make certain your captions are appealing. If you employ Instagram’s keyword search, lengthier captions might assist you in getting your post noticed by more people. 

Now is the opportune time to start creating lengthier captions! Even though coming up with captions on the spot might be challenging, planning ahead and jotting them down can save you time and frustration in the long run. 

In order to ensure that the caption is well aligned, trimmed to precision, and conveys all of the thoughts you want to portray, you should write and schedule the caption beforehand. Because we’ve all experienced the agony of uploading something only to discover after many reads that we made a grammatical or spelling blunder.

Posts When Your Followers Are More Active

It’s possible that you won’t be around when your target demographic is most active if you don’t plan ahead for your Instagram posts. It’s critical to schedule your social media updates correctly if you want to increase your audience or number of followers. However, how can you determine the ideal publishing hours for your profile? 

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Using the platform’s proprietary insights section, one can see when their followers are most engaging on a daily and weekly basis. If you publish at a moment when your following is most prone to react to your content, Instagram may give your upload a boost in their feeds. Your article has a better likelihood of appearing on the Explore page if you gain a lot of instagram views and comments.

Take a Much-Needed Social Media Hiatus

There is no denying that the last couple of years have reminded us that fatigue is serious and that we seriously need to take time away from our phones and other electrical gadgets occasionally (if not all the time!). Instagram scheduling allows you to take some much-needed leisure, even on the holidays. You’ll be less likely to experience the awful exhaustion and worry that comes with striving to find out what to write next week if you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Now that you’ve learned all of the main motivations for scheduling your post the way to go in 2023, it’s crucial to do a quick inspection of your account and choose what content you should begin planning out beforehand. To sum up, it’s all about cutting back unnecessary hours on Instagram and more time building your brand and network.