WildGuarder Infrared Binoculars: Hunt at Night in America’s Best Forests

WildGuarder Infrared Binoculars: Hunt at Night in America’s Best Forests
WildGuarder Infrared Binoculars: Hunt at Night in America’s Best Forests

Last month, two friends, Venus Harrison, and Sherry Mackintosh, and I decided to take a hunting trip to Ozark-St. Francis National Forest is a very beautiful national forest in the US. It has a lot of animals and amazing mountain views. This is the best place for people who love hunting. We stayed here for two nights, setting out each night in search of a game and enjoying night hunting. The most important thing we had on this trip was our WildGuarder infrared binoculars, which helped us see and follow animals in the dark while also making us safer and faster. In this article, I will tell you more about our hunting trip and why WildGuarder infrared binoculars are a great tool for hunting at night.

The Ozark-St. Francis National Forest is a very beautiful national forest in the US, made up of two different forests, the Ozark National Forest in the Ozark Mountains and the St. Francis National Forest at Crowley’s Ridge. These two forests are very different in life, shape, and rock, giving a rich and varied hunting place and feeling.

Ozark National Forest encompasses 1.2 million acres, primarily in the scenic Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas. It is home to Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas, and to the famous Blanchard Springs Caverns. This forest was made by President Roosevelt in 1908 and is one of the oldest national forests in the US. It has over 500 kinds of trees and plants with wood, mostly oaks and hickories. There are also five designated primitive reserves and several wildlife management areas. We can see a variety of wildlife here, such as deer, bear, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, and more. We can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery along 395 miles of hiking trails or fish or boat in 370 miles of streams.

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The St. Francis National Forest, which is in the east of Arkansas by the Mississippi River, is one of the smallest national forests in the US. It is 22,600 acres big. It was proclaimed by President Eisenhower in 1960. The forest is named for the St. Francis River, which forms part of its eastern boundary. It has a unique Crowley’s Ridge landscape, a low mound of sandy soil that contrasts with the surrounding flat alluvial plains. It has a different kinds of plants than the Ozark Mountains, mostly pine, redwood, and birch. It is also the lowest hardwood forest place in the US, with 11,000 acres of old forest. Here we can see rare and in-danger animals like black bears, panthers, gray wolves, and bald eagles, and also go to old places like Civil War fights and graveyards.

The introduction to Ozark-St. Francis National Forest shows that this place is a national forest with rich natural resources and cultural heritage. Next, I will describe the WildGuarder infrared binoculars we used.

We used WildGuarder infrared binoculars, which are high-performance binoculars designed for night hunting, allowing us to see and target the game clearly in the dark while also keeping us safe.

WildGuarder infrared binoculars feature the following:

  1. Using an advanced infrared-enhanced CMOS sensor and a 5W infrared 850nm LED IR illuminator; you can observe and record large targets up to 984 feet away in complete darkness.
  2. The 2.7-inch display allows us to easily see the picture without having to keep the optical viewfinder attached to our eyes. Combining an excellent all-optical system with a video camera that allows for 3x digital zoom and a 31mm objective lens allows us to quickly capture sharp photos or HD video.
  3. Three ways to make things bigger: 1X, 2X, and 3X. Also, it can be used to get clear pictures and videos at 1920X1080 dots. It also has seven infrared adjustment levels to adapt to different dark environments.
  4. Five buttons and ten languages can be adjusted to a variety of functions. WITH a USB port, you can transfer data to a computer or other devices.
  5. Use 6 AA batteries for power supply and work continuously for more than 6 hours. Low battery prompt function, let us replace the battery in time.
  6. With waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and fog proof features, it can adapt to various harsh climates and terrains. There is also a comfortable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, which is convenient for us to carry and use.
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By introducing the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, we can see that this is a great binocular for hunting at night. Next, I’ll share with you the dishes we tried there and how we felt about the culture and customs of the locals.

We stopped by Russellville, a city near Ozark National Forest, where we enjoyed a variety of food and drinks at many restaurants and bars. We tried some local specialties such as roast pork sandwiches, tacos, fried chicken, and honey cream pie. We also ate some food from different places, like Mexican tacos, Italian pizza, and Indian curries. We liked the food here because it was all new, tasty and cheap.

Also ate some famous soul food like barbecued ribs, stews, and cornbread, and some local food like sweet potato pie, black walnut cake, and wine. We were amazed by the food here as it was all different, strong, and healthy.

Our hunting trip was coming to an end, and we felt very satisfied and happy. We have seen the beautiful nature in Ozark-St. Francis National Forest experienced the excitement and fun of hunting at night, tasted the local food, and learned about the local culture and customs. We felt it was an unforgettable trip that brought us closer to nature and more aware of ourselves.

Our biggest helper on this trip was the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, which allowed us to see and target our prey clearly in the dark while also ensuring our safety. It is a good, nice, cheap binoculars that are needed for hunting at night. We really tell all people who love to hunt at night to try these binoculars; you will like them.

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If you also want to go hunting in Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, you can look at our experience and tips or make a plan of your own that fits you. Anyway, you’ll find the excitement and fun you want here. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful national forest and the visual experience of WildGuarder infrared binoculars as much as we did.

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