7 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Growth In 2021

7 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Growth In 2021
7 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Growth In 2021

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Today the world is witnessing an enormous rise in inbound marketing, a systematic approach to run a successful business, a blueprint for creating awareness, interest, and conversions in the customer’s mind about the products and services they sell. Discovering and developing new business opportunities is never the most challenging decision like it was before. 

Thanks to data science and its time series analysis, businesses always have concrete products to sell, and inbound marketing cements these opportunities by maximizing return on interest (ROI). 

What Is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound marketing is a top-notch business model that attracts customers by creating valuable and actionable content following three stages – attract, engage, and delight. 

The first step is to create attraction in the customer’s minds about your product or service that you sell. The second steps involve keeping them engaged with your products and services, showing them what features and benefits your products can deliver them. And last steps involve converting them successfully and providing them top-notch additional support to build trust factors and brand value. 

When customers find success and share those success stories with others, it attracts new prospects to your business, creating a self-sustaining loop that lasts the longest. It is how the companies build their momentum and run their business successfully in the highly competitive world.

One such best example of inbound marketing is Hubspot. It’s an American developer and marketer that uses inbound marketing, sales, and customer services to sell its software and services, founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.  

Hubspot’s expertise in customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, SEO, live chat, and customer support provides various tools for the same. 

Why Is The Demand For Inbound Marketing Sky-high In The Market?

The best part about inbound marketing is it allows marketers to build long-lasting relationships with their customers through useful information without self-promoting to enhance prospects’ trust to engage more with what the company offers as the part of products or services. 

Though many don’t know what inbound marketing is and how it works. The demand for this term is surging in the market; here are a few crucial points to prove its worth. 

  • It matches how the customers like to consume the content
  • It gives them what they love to have
  • Make relationships last longer than ever
  • Your blueprint for running a successful business
  • It works the best for every model
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7 Inbound Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Growth In 2021

Creating Content That Draws Visitors

Great content is the secret to scalable inbound marketing and the cornerstone strategy to always be in a win-win situation. Without high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date content, it’s tough getting leads through inbound marketing. With every content that goes online, you set a bar for yourself in the market; never let any mediocre content let you down. 

Consumers and search engines are getting smarter with emerging technologies, and there is enormous competition everywhere. Being consistent is the only way to build trust and maximize your market sales. Therefore in many cases, you will witness the value proposition that you put in the outline of the content will reflect the degree of success on how your leads get nurtured. 

Strong Pillar Page and Blog Content

Customers convert when you can paint a picture on their minds, connecting them well so they can trust you and your business. Therefore, creating customer-centric content keeping your ideal customers in mind, keeping yourself in their shoes, and knowing what they face and how your products can help them. This way, it connects with your customer’s emotions when you write for pillar pages or blog content. 

Your article should contain videos, infographics to break up the long-form content and give them a solid understanding of your products and services.

You can break down your content into:

  • How-To Guides
  • Case Studies 
  • Book Summaries
  • Tool reviews 
  • List Posts 
  • Video Content
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Niche Guest Post Opportunities 

Not all guest posts leave an equal impact on your website, and not every website allows you to get a backlink if your content is not relevant to what they showcase on their website. But the guest post is a vast opportunity to scale up your traffic to the website selecting the right niche and blogging on it. 

Because the right niche has many sub-niches, creating content would be highly beneficial to develop more product-centric and customer-centric content to increase the target audience and fresh customers. Guest blogging is a crucial part of inbound marketing as we advance. You need to develop proper strategies and content to create your brand authority and build a relationship with niche influencers. 

Search Engine Optimisation For Better Ranking

Don’t want people to land your web pages to buy what you sell or opt for your service. If yes, SEO is crucial for it as it positions your content to appear in the first place on Google’s SERP. With the proper keywords and phrases, you can find maximum chances that your article will rank higher, leading to improvements in organic search traffic searches.

While starting with SEO for inbound marketing, many markets often confuse themselves with where they should begin: either content topics or SEO. Some started with SEO and the right keywords and look of content ideas, but it is never that easy with astute readers when they love skimming to get the gist of the article. 

A/B Testing & Remarketing

To test your marketing strategies working fine, you have to go with A/B testing and find out which one works the best for you, and you can stick with that for optimum results. This A/B test is an excellent asset in inbound, outbound marketing, including content marketing. Specifically, you have to do with Ads, call-to-actions, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Making one change can only help you gauge the effectiveness more accurately than doing multiple ones. 

Whereas remarketing is an effective inbound strategy that helps to attract more customers to your website. Though it looks like traditional marketing, it gets you existing and cart-abandoned customers to complete their purchase. It uses paid ads to target customers using browser cookies to attract customers who already visited the website. 

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Multi-channel Lead Nurturing 

In inbound marketing, you can see a connection between earlier you only had drip marketing send a generic email to multiple prospects who are likely to convert. Today, there are many ways to reach out to pages for your customers and convert. 

Thanks to marketing automation platforms, they made everything easy by breaking down the whole process into simple things. So you can always focus on multi-channel lead generation that includes a combination of the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Direct Sales Outreach 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Dynamic Website Content

Social Media Presence Across All Platforms  

Social media is a great way to remain connected with your customers where they love spending most of their time. You can get into conversation with them directly, which builds trust and spreads your brand awareness, and they can be social proof of how your products do wonders in their life and what quality you deliver.  

On the other side, having a solid social media presence can land countless customers directly on your website or landing pages for what you sell or the service you provide. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to engage with them, understand their pain points, and build a long-term relationship with them. 

Final Words 

In this blog, you gain in-depth knowledge about inbound marketing agency and why it is the most demandable marketing strategy worldwide that does not push or peach to buy products like outbound marketing. Still, it creates magnetic vibes that attract, educate and convert audiences based on what you sell or the service you offer. 

Apart from that, you also learn about seven inbound marketing strategies to boost your growth in 2021. These seven metrics are game-changers to outrank your competitors using inbound marketing strategies and drive traffic and conversions successfully. 


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