Best toy gifts for kids on upcoming Christmas! 

Best toy gifts for kids on upcoming Christmas! 

This post was most recently updated on May 17th, 2023

Kids always have their priorities clear! Whatever event there might be all they want is gifts and lots of gifts. When the biggest event of the year is upon us how can we let the kids down with some subpar gifts some of which they already have? 

Now, is the right time to surprise kids with the brand-new frog and mushroom squishmallows. With their super trendy designs coming in multiple cool colors the squishmallows are hot-selling toys. They are the perfect surprise for kids who are eagerly looking forward to opening presents on Christmas. 

The likes of Terrell, Ferdie, Novi, Molly, and Ludwig are the hot sellers of squishmallows who are designed like frogs and mushrooms with a touch of creativity and fun. What else do these squishy squishmallows have in store? Find out below. 

Trendy designs that kids love with passion

The cloth-based toys are attractive to kids because their designs are unique so of which they have never seen them before. The frog and mushroom squads are super unique in terms of designs because lots of creativity is seen in the styling of these toys. 

For instance, have a look at Molly the mushroom! With her pink and white design, you might think that’s all. However, she is elegantly designed in multiple pink colors including pale pink and hot pink which give her a vibrant outlook. Her mushroom head has a bunch of white and pink splotches which make her even more pretty. 

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In addition, there is Novi the frog squishmallow who brings coolness to the eyes because of his super cozy design. What does Novi have? Well, firstly his froggy eyes are sitting on top of his head giving him a unique trendy design. Moreover, He has a sleek smile going on over his teal blue color. The teal blue color is not the only color in his design as his belly is designed differently in a lighter blue shade. 

Such interesting and cozy designs have gotten the kids salivating who are getting their parents ready for a squishmallow shopping haul.

The perfect surprise for kids on Christmas

Time to go on a toy shopping haul for kids? How can you leave the exquisitely designed squishmallows out of the shopping haul? 

The only way your kid is going to be super happy this Christmas is if he sees the likes of Wendy, Ferdie, Novi, Molly, and the rest of the crew. To surprise him pleasantly, you need to add his favorite squishmallows to your shopping cart.

Moreover, there is no doubt that squishmallows are the best gifts you can give to your kids. The kids can gel in with these toys almost immediately. Squishmallows provide the kids with a comforting partner, a learning buddy, and a bedtime friend. 

Not only the kids but the adults in the home can also have lots of warm cuddles and hugs from these super adorable and cozy toys. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bunch of squishmallows and bring a smile to your kid’s face this Christmas night.

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Share the backstories of these toys with your kids

Every cute member of the squishmallow mushroom and frog squad has a backstory that you need to share with your friend.

For instance, Wendy the frog is an aspiring student who is eager to become a scientist. While the elegantly designed Novi the frog is more leaned toward her cooking ventures! She loves baking pizzas. 

Terrell the mushroom is just a sympathetic person who loves helping others out whenever he can. When your kid has his favorite squishmallow in his hands you need to tell him about his brand-new plush toy. In this way, he would love his new favorite toy even more. 

Cuddly toys perfect for bedtime

The best thing about the frog and mushroom squishmallows toys is their fluffiness and softness. Undoubtedly the manufacturer has done a brilliant job by stuffing these toys with polyester.

Alongside other qualities of polyester, it is also super soft with a delicate marshmallow-like texture. The softness which you find in a marshmallow oozes out of these beautiful squishmallows from wherever you touch them. 

The likes of Ludwig, Molly, and Ferdie are super soft and cuddly making them kids no.1 choice when it is bedtime. When it is bedtime kids will automatically snuggle into bed without you even asking them. 

The super soft and fluffy squishmallows have a magnet effect on the kids who instantly grab these toys and snuggle into bed. So, no more arguments when it is sleep time now your kids will be in the bed even minutes before it is bedtime.

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