"BreatheFresh" : Make our breathing spaces cleaner and healthier

“BreatheFresh” : Make our breathing spaces cleaner and healthier

 “BreatheFresh” : Make our breathing spaces cleaner and healthier

When and how did you start?

 BreatheFresh Solutions Pvt Ltd was started in July 2017.  BreatheFresh as a company believes that Fresh Air is a right to every breath of every human inhabiting the space of modern living.

We as a company strongly stand for Family health. It is a sad reality that most of our kids have one or the other form of respiratory ailments of various degrees.  Our company’s mission is to raise and spread the awareness about this everyday health hazard. We are introducing all-natural solutions that are effectively proven by science and lab certifications, towards their effectiveness in cleaning indoor air. Solutions are all natural, hand made and affordable for daily use.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

 The business idea was conceived  when I saw a close relative of mine administering nebulizers, inhalers to my nephews and nieces who were barely a couple of years old. It pained me tremendously to see them suffering like this and little did I realize that the cause of their illness was indoor air may be twice as much as the outdoor air. When I became a dad myself three years ago, I wanted a safe and healthy living space for my little child. Moving out of Delhi was always an option but not the solution. Hence, it became my personal mission to provide a safe, gentle and healthy air for my little one and my family. I did buy electric air purifiers that are in the market but was not hugely satisfied due to their non-portability and affordability. I wanted a household product, more like a daily staple, that works a) without electricity and b) is easily affordable by all. And hence my research and endeavor for finding the solution started and we came up with Breathe Fresh- the idea and the right of everybody for better air.

 Brief about organization and founding members

 Founding members

1. Bhawani Bhatheja

2. Gaurav Arora

Gaurav look after product design, development, marketing and technology. His understanding of the product development coupled with technology gives him an extra edge in researching and bringing out innovative products for families. Bhawani Bhateja has prided himself on being an ecopreneur right from the start, which reflects in his earlier venture of modifying gifting solutions.  While studying in college he started a company called Blossoms whose focus was on gifting decorated plants instead of just simple bouquets during special events targeting schools, colleges and corporate houses. He was also awarded the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a testimonial of his abilities to change minds. He has a passion for electronics, and building new products from scratch. His expertise lies in Production, Designing, Operations, Marketing and Sales of the company.

Breathefresh has various range of products to protect against Indoor pollution. These include

  •  Pureefy – Antibacterial essential oil Blend
  • Purifies Indoor Air and Strengthens Immune System. Kills 99.9% Harmful Airborne Bacteria.
  • VAYU Natural Air Purification Bags –Reduce allergies, respiratory troubles and asthma
  • BeePure – 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax Candle
    • Beeswax is known to produce negative ions that help freshen and purify the air
  • Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – Ionic natural air purifier
    • Himalayan pink salt is a natural ionic air purifier that pulls toxins from the environment and neutralises them
  • OXY-GEN : Ecosystem of Air Purifying Plants
    • A proprietary product of BreatheFresh is an Ecosystem of Air Purifying Plants and is created to reduce the impact of Indoor Air Pollution.
  • AirFeed – Most Comprehensive Air Quality Monitor

Note : These products are available in Amazon, Flipkart, and Breathefresh.in

 The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

 Our solutions are robust and yet affordable engineered from Nature’s hidden secrets. We are committed to going with Natural resources and we do not use any artificial or chemicals in our Product portfolio.We would like to share with all our readers to understand the ill effects of indoor air pollution which no one is talking about. We would want people to know that Indoor air pollution products are required  for both office and home rather than luxury items. Contrary to popular perception, closing the windows cannot guard one against air pollution.

 Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

 The biggest challenge was being aligned to manufacturing processes and finding the right vendors for our bespoke solutions. Tailor-making a product that works for all urban homes, with their variety of different chemistry, composition and magnitude, was a neck-breaking task.

 With regard to marketing strategy , we are planning  to sell through Large Format Retail, Health and Lifestyle Stores, online Market Place

 Future plans and funding

 We are looking for funds & talking to a few investors

A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment

 The mission of our company is healthier air for all urban homes, where we empower the families with the choice of living in a cleaner breathing space. We will work endlessly for making everybody aware of this choice, make them know of the hazards of indoor air to our health and to do our bit in minimizing the incidents of asthma and respiratory sicknesses in our younger generation. The shift in understanding has to happen that the outdoor air if known and advertised as sickly, indoor air is not an escape haven for better air. This lack of awareness and the myth of better indoor air is a monster that Breathe Fresh is standing against for. We will continue to invest ourselves to this cause and hopefully soon we will have a breakthrough in people accepting the grim situation of our breathing areas and resolving to do something about it.

 Provide some statistics like revenues or  clients acquisitions

Revenue had been around average of 6 Lacs a month.  We are now are planning to sell through Large Format Retail, Health and Lifestyle Stores, online Market Place. We aim to reach maximum users and have a significant market share by the end of FY2018 19.

"BreatheFresh" : Make our breathing spaces cleaner and healthier

.Your website / apps / and contact detail


Contact Details

Bhawani Bhatheja: 9911501531

Gaurav Arora: 9650237238



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