Dos and Don’ts of protecting your iOS from hackers


This post was most recently updated on January 28th, 2023

Owning an iOS product is great until you see the first attempt of a hack. Seeing your iOS getting hacked is scary. However, you can prevent this nightmare by following the do’s and don’ts mentioned below.

  1. Do not try tojailbreak

If you want to avoid your iOS from being hacked, never jailbreak your device. If you jailbreak it,know that your iOS devices will be more prone to viruses and other malware. Also, once you jailbreak your iOS device, your warranty will be void, meaning no help will be given to you from Apple if something wrong happens.

  • Do update your iOS frequently

Many iPhone users do not update their devices on time as they are skeptical about updates; however, updating iOS and iPadOS devices is the absolute best way toensure that your devices are protected from hackers. Apple improves security, protects individual privacy with each update, and improves security features along with fixing previously overlooked bugs that might allow easier access to hackers.

  • Do not engage with suspicious texts or emails

Learning to be cautious when opening unknown messages or emails would be best. A common way you can get your iOS to hack is by opening malware or scammy messages. This will make hackers getinto your Ios.What happens is that when you click a link givenin an email unbeknownst to you, the link installs software that provides the hacker with access to your iPhone. It is better never to bother opening attachments or links that come to you from unknown sources.

  • Do regularly change your Apple ID password
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It is important to know that your Apple ID is the main gateway to your iOS overall security. If your Apple ID gets into the hands of the hacker, they will get access to your iCloud, its keychain, which means they got access to everything. That is why you should Regularly change your Apple ID password and even add a level of security, ensuring that even if a hacker gets ahold of your password, it won’t be valid. Trymaking a new Apple ID password every six months. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you can change your Apple ID password on your device.

The best way to avoid data breaches and getting hacked is to download software that protects your IOS from gaining access to hackers. One of the best software is The Face of Empathy.

This software protects your data from any software, no matter how strong they are. Omri Opari created it after seeing how Pegasus affected thousands of Ios users. What happened is that he could see the face of an owl behind the font of the Yahoo logo in his bookmarks section of Safari. Omri visited the Apple store to see this same hidden image on all the iPads, iPhones, and Macs in the store. Next, he went to BestBuy and noticed the same thing but found no other evidence. A couple of years went by before Omri decided to alert Apple executives of his findings, and a few months later, on September 13th, 2021, a story came to Omri’s Google Alerts about Apple and the NSO Group, the creators of the Pegasus Spyware, which infected over 1 billion Apple products. That is when Omri knew he had found spyware. Omri is unsure how this code appeared as it is not yet public knowledge. Omri uploaded the screenshot to photoshop, cropped it, and duplicated it twice to make three copies. He placed his three images in a row to show the progression of his work as the color faded away and revealed what was hidden in the background. Omri wanted to name his product Spy Owl but later decided on the Face of Empathy after reading that the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, was often accompanied by an owl.

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