Read The Inspiring Journey of Fastest growing Startup “ElectricPe” expanding its footprint for all your Electric Vehicle charging needs

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Story at a Glance :

FoundersAvinash Sharma and Raghav Rohila
Website Url
Year of Establishment2021
Industry TypeAutomobile Industry
Funding Raised till now$8 million
Electricpe chargers15000+
ElectricPe App LinkElectricpe App
Customers Served80000+
Electricpe Bookings200000+

Starting in 2021, ElectricPe has been working to create a single, trusted platform for EV charging to meet India’s growing demand for Electric Vehicle infrastructure. With an expected 5 million charging stations in India, we have set out to help people discover charging stations and seamlessly transact with them. India’s net-zero goals can be achieved partially through electric vehicles by diminishing tailpipe emissions – hence the adoption of EVs is essential to this goal.

A large part of this is the need for infrastructure and ease of use. That’s where ElectricPe comes in. As a B2C EV charging and demand generation app, ElectricPe offers EV users a one-stop platform that ensures they have access to charging at the click of a button. Think Uber, but for EV charging!

The Founders and Organization :

Co-founders Avinash Sharma and Raghav Rohila are technology entrepreneurs who met at Ola and came together in May 2021 to create ElectricPe. This was spurred on by a shared passion for electric mobility and a drive to create India’s most trusted charging solution. 

Avinash Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder, was recognized as a FICCI Young Leader in 2019 and has been instrumental in the development of India’s EV ecosystem. With over 11 years of experience in technology startups and shared mobility, Avinash was able to use his experience to identify the gap in the market and spearhead India’s green revolution through an accessible, trusted, and tech-enabled platform. 

Raghav is committed to driving India’s green revolution through his strong focus on creating a seamless, user-friendly offering as Co-Founder and CPO. Using his prior experience as Co-Founder of Xyloop and Chief of Staff to the COO at Ola, Raghav was able to define ElectricPe’s products and offerings to the heights it is at today.  

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Avinash Sharma: Co-Founder and CEO: Electricpe
Avinash Sharma: Co-Founder and CEO: Electricpe

Raghav Rohila: Co-Founder & CPO: ElectricPe
Raghav Rohila: Co-Founder & CPO: ElectricPe

The Inspiration :

In 2021, it was apparent that EVs were very likely to become the dominant mode of mobility. A strong push for new vehicles in the market and supportive government policies also helped this along. In all of this, the elephant in the room was the rising fuel costs. We set out to create a solution to the problem of infrastructure when it came to EVs.

In 2019, there wasn’t an “all-in-one” solution the same way there is now with ElectricPe. Instead of having to download multiple apps and constantly worry about range anxiety or incomplete infrastructure, ElectricPe has bridged the gap with a single app for all EVs. The name, ElectricPe, came as a natural extension of our company’s vision: ‘Ab India Chalega ElectricPe,’ i.e., Now India will move on Electric. 

Funding & Growth : 

November 2021 – Seed Round led by Blume Ventures and Micelio Fund. In total, we have raised ~$3 million and includes investments from notable Angel Investors: Anshuman Bapna (, Anupam Mittal (, Arjun Ravi Sheth (Partner at Anchorage Capital Partners), Ashish Goel (Urban Ladder), Bhuvan Gupta (OfBusiness), Jasminder Singh (Nowfloats), Khadim Batti & Vara Kumar (Whatfix), Mukul Rustagi (Classplus), Murthy Aradhi (Whishworks), Nikheel Kamble, Pallav Singh (Numen), Ramakant Sharma of Livspace (LOGX Venture Partners), Relentless VC, Saurabh Aggarwal (Fitso), Soumitra Mishra (Claro Energy), Supermorpheus, Tonmoy Shingal (Mettl)  to name a few.

January 2023 – Pre-Series A round of $5 million. The funding round was led by notable investors like Green Frontier Capital, Blume Ventures, and Micelio Fund and also saw participation from Dubai-based NB Ventures, Anchorage Capital Partners, Supermorpheus, and Climate Angels.

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As of September 2023, we are well-capitalized to meet our goals. We believe in stage-by-stage capitalization, as it focuses on building for the end customer in accordance with the stage of growth we are at. 

Additionally, we have been working to create a solution for Bangalore first. By creating expertise in this market, we can utilize our learnings and move forward in other markets in a composed and strategic manner. Currently, we have over 15,000 charge points across Bangalore and an additional 5,000 spread across other cities. We aim to have 50,000 charge points by next year and 100,000 following that.  We have also partnered with NoBroker, JSW, Electric One, and Hero Electric, a few of the most prominent players in their respective domains, to expand our EV charging network. To date, the ElectricPe app has 100,000 downloads between the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Electricpe Team
Electricpe Team

Challenges & Opportunities :

At ElectricPe, we are focused on the standardization and the upliftment of the customer experience. Finding chargers is only the first step. After that, the charger must be functional, there must be a charge point operator to assist you, and it must charge you fairly. There are reports of chargers across the country that are faulty, don’t have the correct plugs, are calibrated to the wrong settings, missing parts, and many more issues. 

This is a huge gap in India’s EV infrastructure and one that has to be addressed. Our challenge was to take the substandard experience of EV charging and make it consistent across the board. To provide working, updated infrastructure, alongside partnering with competent charge point operators to create a seamless, straightforward experience that kept customers coming back – building the most important aspect of the interaction, which is trust. 

The trust we have been able to foster within the EV ecosystem has earned us accolades in the space, such as: 

  • The Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Indian Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (For EV Charging Solution Provider) 
  • YourStory’s Tech30 Most Promising Indian Startups 2022 
  • The Only Indian Company to be in the Top 10 of the Energy Tech Challengers 2022
  • Accelcity’s Top 100 Companies Resilience Challenge 2022
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Our Hook-up Point :

At ElectricPe, we have refined our approach to software to create a simple, direct offering. We took this offering and made it free and interoperable for all EV chargers. For every OEM, you had to download a separate app that would interact with their charging management software (CMS) for payments and accessibility. ElectricPe is the first in the industry to make our seamless CMS available for free, and we have exciting partnerships coming up with some of India’s biggest charger manufacturers to create a consistent, one-stop experience for all EV users. 

Inspiration :

Avinash often mentions that his approach to ElectricPe has always been people first. This continues with his source of inspiration, which for him is his team. Their eagerness and collective commitment push him to innovate and create an environment of trust and determination, allowing everyone to create the best versions of themselves at ElectricPe.  He also mentioned that if the distinctly Indian spirit of “Jugaad” was a person, they would be his inspiration

Electricpe Logo :

Electricpe Logo

ElectricPe can be found at the following links –




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Download the Electricpe App by Clicking the link below :

Electricpe App

Faq’s related to Electricpe:

What is Electricpe?

ElectricPe is an EV charging platform that provides smart, affordable, and clean electric mobility.

Who are the founders of Electricpe?

Mr. Raghav Rohila and Mr. Avinash Sharma are the founders of Electripe.

Which is the best electric vehicle charging Platform?

Electripe is the best electric vehicle charging platform.

How many cities are covered by electripe so far?

Electricpe has touched more than 20 cities.

What is the Revenue of Electricpe?

Electricpe revenue is not known.

Who are the competitors of ElectricPe?

 BOLT, Magenta Mobility, and ElectreeFi are the competitors of Electricpe.

What is the company name of ElectricPe?

Wattapp Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Who is the CEO of ElectricPe?

Avinash Sharma is the CEO of ElectricPe.


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