MrBeast becomes Youtube’s most followed content creator

MrBeast becomes Youtube’s most followed content creator
MrBeast becomes Youtube’s most followed content creator

According to Dexerto, an influencer and gaming site, popular American YouTuber MrBeast has become the most followed individual on YouTube, with 112 million subscribers. On November 14, MrBeast, run by Jimmy Donaldson, officially took over its opponent PewDiePie, run by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. PewDiePie currently has 111 million subscribers on YouTube.

MrBeast becomes Youtube’s most followed content creator

MrBeast passed 100 million subscribers on his primary channel on July 28, making him the second person to do so after PewDiePie.

MrBeast (his primary channel), Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast 2, MrBeast Gaming, and Beast Reacts are all maintained by Jimmy Donaldson, a 24-year-old American.

Donaldson began his YouTube career in 2012, when he was 13 years old. At the time, under the pseudonym ‘MrBeast6000,’ his videos were limited to walkthroughs and comedic tutorials of online games, notably Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

MrBeast’s films have been filled with weird antics, extravagant stunts, survival challenges, vlogs, and opulent trips since 2017. He’s made videos of himself challenging others to “sit in a bathtub of snakes,” built real-life Squid Game sets, and gone about recording himself offering others $100,000 to quit their jobs.

MrBeast is an internet superstar thanks to his humour and remarkable risk-taking ability. With around 27 million subscribers, he was one of the most viewed creators on YouTube in 2019. According to Forbes, he earned a record $54 million in 2021 while receiving 10 billion views on his videos.

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MrBeast has enlisted the help of several of his childhood pals — Chris, Chandler, Garrett, and Jake — to promote his YouTube channel. His pals occasionally appear in cameo parts in his videos. His staff has grown to 30 employees who work on numerous projects for his channels at the same time.

Although some of his films have received criticism, MrBeast has tried to avoid them by focusing on concepts that will help him advance on the network.

MrBeast has also made a name for himself through viral gift contests. In fact, MrBeast has gifted his followers, family, and friends multiple lavish vehicles and residences in addition to money over his YouTube career. His most philanthropic act was a $10,000 donation to a destitute man. The act was captured on camera and published on his YouTube channel, where it quickly went viral.

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $25 million. He apparently earns between $3 and $5 million every month.

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