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This world is a creative place where people are discovering new things with their creative minds. What does it mean by creativity or being creative? Well, something new that you discover and are willing to explore in your own manner. But how will people come to know about this? This article is just about that.When we were wondering, a passionate vibrant community name Pixabay speared its arms towards us.

Pixabay is a free platform to explore your creativity by sharing stock photography, high-definition pictures, music, film footage, and graphic designs. They provide us the best high quality pictures and videos to use for different purpose. It’s a free online plat form where people can choose content according to their choice. 

Motivation of Pixabay:

Our motivation was to create a royalty free. Risk free platform that can connect many people worldwide. Pixabay not only use for sample photographs or videos it also use to generate different kind of ideas. 


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Company name            Pixabay
Type of site                 Stock photograph, stock footage,
                                                      stock vector graphics, stock music
Available in                 Multi language
Founder                     Hans Braxmeier,
                                            Simon Steinberger
Co-founder  & other        Hans Braxmeier, Simon Steinberger    
members                         Lulia Melnicenco,     Achim
                                                    Thiemermann, Dominic Alberts    
Founded in                        Berlin, Germany                                                    
Launched                          November 24, 2010   
Past license                      CCO based

Present license                  Pixabay License
Website                                www.pixabay.com

Founder and team members:

 This leading community Pixabay was invented by the joint efforts of Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger on 24 November 2010 in Berlin, Germany

Hans Braxmeier, co-founder


The leading company pixabay was founded by one of the passionate Weber Hans Braxmeier who has always been interested to found new technologies and also interested to apply them. He has completed his studies in computer science in Germany and had launched several web projects. Pixabay was one of his best founded companies. His passion about photography made him to discover the company. 

Simon Steinberger, Co-founder


Another founder and partner of Hans, Simon Steinberger is also a   photographer who believes that photography is a very difficult art. According to Simon that everyone should have the rights to show their creativity and that’s why he and his friend have launched the company. He has studied chemistry in that same collage. He worked for many Other IT companies and had developed many websites.

Lulia Melinocenco, Marketing and growth Hacker

Lulia Melnicenco is a online marketer and growth hacker who has learned linguistics and gains a lot of experiences over 5years on management and internet marketing.

Achim Thiemermann, social media marketing

the pixabay hired Achim Themermann for handeling all the upcoming contents on social media platform .He has experiences in internet marketing platform over than 10years.

Domenic Albert, Image quality control

Pixabay recently hired Domic for justify and analyze the quality of images and videos. His unstoppable working efficiency and hard work factor made him one of the spectacular members of pixabay. By profession he is a creative photographer and out of pixabay he runs his business in Mexico.

How does Pixabay work?

Pixabay is a free online plate form where we can search any kind of pictures, videos, stock photographs, film footage for a better experience, and people also can download and upload it here, Pixabay.com. But a very common question that most of the people have faced that how does the pixabay work?  According to the owner, all the contents are released through the secure license of pixabay.

People can use the content for any commercial or noncommercial purpose without asking for the permission from the artists. Not only that, it also helps to compare quality of the image or video between same content .Anyone can easily find it from Pixabay.com or can download the app from the play store.

Is pixabay safe for downloading or uploading content?

While searching any topic on a website our mind always goes through hesitation whether it’s safe or not.  As nowadays it is a commonly founded issue of cybercrime and copyrights that make a lot of chaos in social networking sites worldwide.

The Pixabay.com is a 100% risk free and safe social platform where you can use to search for anything without any hesitations. The owner of pixabay Hans Braxmierer assures that all the contents are safe and unique.
All the contents are verified and justified with the top researcher.
The company releases their contents under CCO declaration later on they have change it to Pixabay license. In may 2019.

Competitors and alternatives of Pixabay: 

In the world of the technology market, there are lots of companies that are heading themselves as the competitors of pixabay.com according to the owner. In search of that, they have figured out the top 10 companies that are voted as the best alternative and Competitor Company of Pixaby.


The office of the pixabay is situated at Berliner Freiheit2, 10785 Berlin, Germany
pixabay GmbH, c/o Lacore Rechtsanwalte LLP


What does Pixabay known for?

The plat form is basically known for its high definition pictures and videos its free stock services. Among all pixabay has brings a huge progress in quality of pictures and videos.

Who can trust on pixabay?

People who are afraid of frauding can blindly trust on pixabay. It is 100% safe and a free internet platform.

How much does pixabay cost?

According to pixabay founders pixabay is a free vibrant community that release high defination photos, videos, flim footage for all commercial and non commercial purpose at zero cost. People can search upload, and download anything at free of cost.

Is pixabay is a legal platform?

Pixabay.com is a free vibrant community that release HD stock photos, photos, videos, under pixabay license. Earlier their contents were CCO based but later on they generate their own company licens

Should we have take permission from pixabay for any downloads?

Pixabay does not require any permission for any downloading or uploading. Anyone can use contents without asking to the artist.

How can we download photos or videos from pixabay?

To download photos or videos from pixabay go to pixabay.com choose your image or videos that you might need. Next click on the free download section and choose your image size and proceed to download.

Does pixabay allow any signed photos?

Pixabay doesn’t allow any signed pictures or videos. It might be create an awkward environment for the internet market.

Can I use pixabay photos for instragram post?

Pixabay is a variant free social platform. People can use their contents for any commercial or personal purpose.

What is the number of uploads can be uploading per day?

People can upload ten (10) uploads per day

I am a film maker, can I use graphical videos from pixabay?

Yes, you can use our videos and photos for any commercial and non commercial purpose.

What is not allowed in Pixabay?

Pixabay does not accept unaltered copies of contents. Don’t use their photos in any phycicle products.

Under which license does pixabay works?

Pixabay works under pixabay license.


According to the sources it is clearly stated that Pixabay is a unique and different free community that provides high definition images, videos, illustrating where the other platforms provide the same services at a premium section. In this article, you will find why it is best to choose pixabay and how to download it for a better experience in the world of images and videos. 

Here we listed the competitors of pixabay so that you can justify and trust the platform.  Hope you liked our article and keep connected with us so that we can improve our content.

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