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Shyam Future Tech: Empowering businesses with innovative IT solutions

Image Credit/ Source: Team Shyam Future Tech

During our quest to find a successful startup story, we came across Shyam Future Tech – the IT arm of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. founded by Shyam Steel Board of Director Mr. Raghav Beriwal, the venture has a dynamic approach for amplifying businesses across the world with innovative IT products and services. In our recent conversation with Mr. Raghav Beriwal, we got some interesting insights.

 When and how did you start?

Reply: During operating the businesses at Shyam Steel Industries, which was established in 1953, we came across some transformational elements which were reshaping businesses across the globe. We have experienced the impacts and identified the need for concrete IT services – it has a tremendous potential for altering the fate of any business. We have a dynamic team of IT professionals who made us even more confident in venturing into providing chiseled IT services, to budding and existing businesses in India and abroad. Thus, we conceived the idea of Shyam Future Tech; it took shape and we are now counted as the most recognized IT solutions firms in the country.  The firm now addresses the swelling need for high-end IT solutions with its distinguished products and services. Within a short time since its inception, the company has gained an impressive market attention and built up a strong clientele.

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How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment.

Reply: During our endeavors, we experienced a lack of IT services on a large scale. Thankfully our in-house IT department could meet the requirements and it was outstanding. This moment of crisis pointed us to the need of the hour. You may say that it inspired us to come up with the idea of branching out to form our own IT Company – Shyam Future Tech LLP.

 Brief about the organization and founding members.

Reply: Shyam Future Tech LLP is an Information Technology company based out of Kolkata, India. It is the IT arm of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd, a renowned Indian conglomerate with an annual turnover of more than $280 million and 400+ expert professionals working in its different departments. Our distinguished services cater to the best of business requirements to take a venture to the next level. Our team of experts offers unmatched ERP solution, CRM solution, website development and maintenance, Android and iOS app development and maintenance, brand building and digital marketing.

Shyam Future Tech: Empowering businesses with innovative IT solutions

Image Credit/ Source: Mr. Raghav Beriwala(Founder: Shyam Future Tech)

The detailed journey, like all what you want to share with readers.

Reply: We are a comparatively new venture of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. However, the journey so far has been an interesting and enriching one. The challenges have been a major learning force for us and at the same time a motivator to strive for excellence. Our team of expert professionals adhere to the best of industry practices and are supported by the latest tools and technology to deliver the products and services.

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 About funding and plans for growth.

Reply: Since we are a venture of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. we are funded by our parent concern. Being in the IT business for multiple years now, we are focusing on producing happy customers. There is no substitute for quality work and that’s how we have been growing. Within a short period of time, we have built a strong clientele and continue our efforts to have our hands on the markets’ pulse.

Challenges and opportunities/ Marketing strategies.

Reply: The IT market is on the verge of saturation because of a growing number of individuals are also involving with the business. They are freelancing IT services at a lower price while compromising on the quality. Besides this, the numbers of companies for IT services are also increasing at a large pace. These are some of the strong challenges that we are facing now. However, as I said before, we strive to offer quality IT services and this is why a major share of our business comes from returning customers. There are too many IT service providers but they lack quality. We fill up the void for quality, with our distinguished IT products and services. We strive to offer cost-effective IT service and solutions for businesses across different verticals.

 Future plans and funding.

Reply: Continue with our efforts to deliver unmatched IT solutions in the form of ERP solution, CRM solution, website development & maintenance, Android app development & maintenance, iOS app development and maintenance, brand building and digital marketing. We are funded by our parent concern and have been earning impressive revenue.

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 A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

Reply: Conquer a challenge that stares at you.

 Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Reply: Long-term goals are what you must invest and believe in. Never run out of patience and be persistent.

Shyam Future Tech: Empowering businesses with innovative IT solutions

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