Ujjwal Patni: Wiki, Age, Family, Biography and many more

Ujjwal Patni: Wiki, Age, Family, Biography and many more
Ujjwal Patni: Wiki, Age, Family, Biography and many more
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Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a prevalent motivational speaker, international trainer, and a popular author. He was born in a Jain family who were in occupational in Chhattisgarh. He is the oldest among three children of his parents. Oldest in a family of three brothers, he used to vision big about everything other than educations. Over the years, individuals have been adapting their travelling time into learning time by attending to his motivational speeches through cells and iPods. He strongly endorses that people should realize their true potential and to get ready to become extraordinary in life career.


He was the first of family joining an English medium school. He was a regular pupil with more attention in chess, drama, discussions, and science models rather than in lessons. But his curiosity in the study advanced after he was joined a dental college. He is extremely qualified and holds a bachelor degree in dental surgery with cosmetics as a concentration, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Political Science, Certifications in Consumer protection, human rights, and in many more. After 10 years of the fruitful dental practice, he felt twitchy on a true call of his childhood dream from deep within.

He listened to his soul and chose to trail his childhood passion. He was stuck between the profitable career in medicine and his childhood desire; initially, it was a tough decision at that age, but he understood that life is boundless, beautiful and very exhilarating when it comes to balancing your priorities. He ranked his passion for the highest of his rewarding career and as the significance, his life becomes a worthwhile gift. During one of his interviews, he happily mentioned that “I evolve as a better individual every second in the procedure of training and serving others to be content.”

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 Life Plans

He has a desire for serving people and took a choice to continue with it instead of going onward with a job in medicine. He became a broadly known freshest Indian motivational author with a vast fan following.

His works

His 7 books are printed in more than 12 languages in 24 nations and also part of many reputed university and institution’s programs such as National Institute of Technology etc. His books are dispersed by Government. Winners and losers, Power Thinking, Great Words Win Hearts, Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti, and The Bitter Truth of network marketing and network marketing – join add win are his well-known books.

He shaped a special team named Durg Bhilai Lifecraft to make this a world record in a small hometown situated in a distant tribal-dominated state Chhattisgarh. This was the first and the lengthiest choir singing record from India fashioned by shattering the Canadian world record.

Image credit/source: Ujjwal Patni

His work has been respected by numerous other authors, saints, artist, political figures and celebrities which includes Dr.Kiran Bedi, Dr Raman Singh(Chief Minister), Joginder Singh (Former CBI director) etc. An advisor to numerous government and private organizations, and a private life excellence coach. He was on the list of ‘Top Ten Indian Thinkers’ and was included in well-known newspapers and TV channels for his effort. He has numerous Guinness World Records in his name. ‘VIP’ and ‘Excellence Gurukul’ are his agendas for entrepreneurs and business organizations. He has franchises titled “Ujjwal Patni” in diverse cities. He is involved in inspiring people using different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and the free mobile app ‘Ujjwal Patni’ through his show ‘The Ujjwal Patni Show’.

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Birthday 13 Novemeber 1973
Birthplace Chhattisgarh
Country India
Age (in 2018) 44 years old
Birth sign Scorpio
Height 5.9 ft
Weight 75 Kg

His Wisdom

  1. Do correct karma with right speed.
  2. Connect people to get inspired, make them role models, don’t allow others to control your life.
  3. Think of yourself as a VIP because you are a single piece, A very special piece created by God.
  4. Be a power thinker.
Ujjwal Patni: Wiki, Age, Family, Biography and many more
Image Credit/Source: Ujjwal Patni

His books

His writings include a large number of detailed books written with extensive knowledge and experience.

  1. Power Thinking

This book discloses the ideology behind the course of thinking. It comprises of the bitter truths about the result of thinking on life.

  • Winners and Losers

A book grounded on stories and experiences to include winning mentality.

  • Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti

A book deliberating about the conducts to advance communication skills. It talks about gestures, stage fear, eye-contact, clothing during the procedure of communication.

  • Great Words Win Hearts

A book which dialogues about Conversation, Public Speaking, and Anchoring.

  • Network Marketing – Judo Jodo Jeeto

A book conversing about how to binge your network in India.


He is an important motivational author and a corporate trainer. His work has been pleased with numerous awards.

The highest management wizards’ body in Asia called Management Teachers Consortium Global has rewarded Dr. Ujjwal Patni with the Greatest Corporate Trainer title.

At the age of 37, he developed as the youngest individual to be honoured with the respected Pundit Sunderlal Sharma Literary award by the Indian Government.

He was felicitated with the Kamal Patra award in 2006 by The Indian Jaycees. This is the main national award which is awarded to individuals under forty years of age with astonishing achievements. Moreover, he also took a lifetime achievement award in 2010 from this association.

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Famous Personalities of India, including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Anup Jalota and Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh have much-admired him for his outstanding work and significant words.

Ujjwal Patni: Wiki, Age, Family, Biography and many more

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