Weilong – Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors

Weilong - Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors
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Weilong claimed that the inflationary strain choking the world commodities market had not spared its functioning. For example, over a third of its entire income came from raw commodities like soybean oil and flour last year.

Overnight, Bloomberg was the first to report the information. The Hong Kong stock exchange’s listing committee first gave Weilong, based in Henan, the go-ahead for the IPO in November, but the company delayed.

Its re-filing follows the city’s dead IPO market picking up some steam in recent weeks as new issuers take advantage of a more positive stock market climate to offer investors shares. As of Monday, the benchmark Hang Seng Index had increased by 3.8% this month, closing in on a three-month high.

About Weilong:

According to a person familiar with the matter, Weilong Delicious Global Holdings, a producer of hot snack food, has amended its draught prospectus as it gets ready to restart an IPO aiming for US$500 million.

The person, who requested to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak publicly about the transaction, said that the issuer is assessing investor interest in its new shares and that a deal launch may occur as early as July. The individual stated that both the date and scope of the offering were still subject to change.

Founder Liu Weiping
Founder Liu Weiping (Image source: daydaynews.cc)

Weilong Delicious Global Holdings Ltd. is a cutting-edge firm that engages in R&D, manufacturing, processing, and sales of spicy snack foods. It is based in Luohe, Henan Province. With a 6.2% market share, Weilong dominates the Chinese market for spicy snack foods. It claimed, citing information from research firm Frost & Sullivan, that the value of its retail sales in 2021 was around four times that of its greatest competitor. Weilong intends to upgrade its manufacturing facilities and supply chain system, purchase land, and construct new plants with the net proceeds of the IPO.

Weilong Founder & Team:

Weilong, a company established in 1999 and situated in the central Chinese province of Henan’s Luohe city, produces well-known spicy snacks composed of soy and eggs. It also makes foods that aren’t spicy. Manufacturer and creator of contemporary snacks made for fans of hot food.

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Consumers can enjoy delectable snacks thanks to the company’s involvement in R&D, production, processing, and sales of its product.

Weilong History:

Wei-ping Liu 2003 registered its own brand as “Weilong,” which started as a core production of spicy dry tofu and other recreational foods, has the independent brand Wei-ping Liu started to rely on advanced equipment and scale driver development and significantly increased in size, drove the sales team to promote in person, have their own brands, and allowed WeiLong to take the initial step to eliminate small workshops.

And the first step in pushing this form of promotion is for Wei Long to leave behind the hot, dry tofu era and create a strong channel. Wei long introduced straightforward, windy, spicy, opaque packaging for dry tofu to replace the previous packaging that failed to communicate the idea of the product to customers. The new package’s crisp and energizing design conveys a sense of high quality, which can be evident in many spicy dry tofu brands.

Weilong's spicy snack
Weilong‘s spicy snack (image source: amazon.com)

Solid products require good marketing, must be accessible to their customers, and effectively utilize the Internet. It is possible to say that spicy dry tofu’s counterattack is successful not only because the food is tasty and secure but also because they are skilled at publicity and hot marketing. Weilong has been at home, not following the routine of the parody event in terms of brand communication. Wei Long, hailed by peers as the “most playable shop,” has been frequently in the news in 2016.

Weilong Konjac snack
Konjac snack (image source: Amazon.com)

The channel hot spots have been occupied by the Weilong flagship store. When it comes to channels, Weilong utilizes offline channel models like “fine channel cultivation” or “direct control terminal” and forgoes the comparatively complex agency structure used by the majority of peers, even some major ones. Wei Long uses the Tmall platform to sell web celebrities through online channel distribution. The approach appears to be quite straightforward, but many businesses are afraid to consider it: minimize site advertising and Internet promotion while performing site drainage. Wei Long will cut the drainage price on what appears to be a more difficult road, one that is motivated by “excellent content.”

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Weilong Name & Logo:

Weilong Name & Logo
Weilong Name & Logo

Weilong Highlight:

Company NameWeilong
FoundersLiu Weiping and Liu Fuping
Started at1999
Revenue$124 million
Customer care Email-N/A
Customer care Contact details-N/A
Company Valuation$123.45 million
IndustryFood and Snacks
HeadquartersLuohe, Henan
Weilong Highlight

Weilong Revenue:

In 2021, it reported a net income of 827 million yuan ($124 million), an increase of 1% from the year before. According to its latest report, its net profit increased 1% annually to 826.7 million yuan (US$123.45 million) in 2021, after rising 24.4% to 818.8 million yuan the year before.

Weilong Funding & Investors:

The size of the targeted fundraising was kept a secret by Weilong. Before filing for the IPO, it raised 3.56 billion yuan ($551.7 million) from investors, including CPE, Hillhouse, Tencent, and Yunfeng Capital. It reported an 819 million yuan profit for the previous year.

Weilong Business Model:

Businesses should be passionate about both public welfare and sensible marketing in order to achieve long-term development. Weilong Food understood how to give back to society after benefiting from it; thus, it developed the brand image strategy of “hand in hand with charity, walk with love.” Liu Weiping made a donation of 800,000 yuan after the Hunan province’s Pingjiang river had a flood, which significantly aided in the rehabilitation of his village.

Weilong Spicy bar
Weilong Spicy bar (Image source: amazon.com)

Weilong Food has also conducted a lot of public welfare initiatives in Henan. Weilong actively promotes its brand through offline product exhibitions as well. At the Henan Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center, the Weilong new food release conference was successfully organized. In order to generate content and raise awareness of its brand, Weilong also constructed an offline experience store that mimicked Apple’s design. The spicy dry tofu new “Hotstrip 7” was released by Wirong “apple style,” emulating Apple’s copywriting, on the day of the iPhone7 debut, capitalizing on the novelty. Burn Kiss, Hotstrip 1.0, Hotstrip Mini… When becoming the web celebrity of the food industry was all the rage among netizens.

Services Offered thru Weilong:

They serve snacks and food.

Weilong Awards & Recognition:

  • The most well-known and favored brand of spicy snack food.
  • The business makes seasoned flour products, hot vegetable snacks, bean-based products, and other goods.
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Weilong Competitors:

There is no data.

Weilong Latest News:

  • Weilong Delicious, a giant of spicy snacks in China, plans to relaunch its Hong Kong IPO with a target price of $500 million, according to a source.
  • The Henan-based snack food manufacturer is assessing investor interest as it gets ready to resume an IPO that was postponed in November.
  • Resubmitting its application coincides with the city’s dormant IPO market picking up some steam amid an improved mood.

Weilong Future Plans:

Utilizing the Internet platform, Weilong creates engaging, amusing, and distinctive consuming scenarios in an effort to spread awareness of the entire Weilong brand. The key to becoming the first “online superstar” is actually quite simple; it is simply a matter of keeping up with the times and not falling behind. This is especially true for Internet products, which should not only be quicker but also updated more frequently to continue surprising clients.

For its own positioning as a high-end leisure meal, spicy dry tofu must have a distinctive flavor, be reasonably priced, and satisfy consumer demand. In order to grasp consumer preferences and develop their own marketing style, the marketing plan should be regularly updated during the imitation learning process. The first thing I realize when I look back on the events leading up to the Virus-dragon outbreak is that I am a dark, vile junk food that has started down a path of whitewashing.

Some FAQs:

Is Weilong Latiao safe to eat?

Weilong’s latiao was found to fall short of Shanxi province’s standards for food safety due to a sort of (quite common) food additive that was permitted in Henan but not in Shanxi. In actuality, latiao is not very nutrient-dense.

What is Weilong delicious?

Weilong Delicious Global Holdings Ltd. is a cutting-edge firm that engages in R&D, manufacturing, processing, and sales of spicy snack foods. It is based in Luohe, Henan Province.

What is Weilong food?

Spicy noodles, dried seafood, and various varieties of snack foods are produced and manufactured by Weilong Foods. Liu Weiping and Liu Fuping established the business in Luohe, Henan Province, in 1999.

What is Weilong made of?

Weilong, a company established in 1999 and situated in the central Chinese province of Henan’s Luohe city, produces well-known spicy snacks composed of soy and eggs.


Innovative marketing strategies consistently bring it to the fore. The preferences of user groups may not appear to have anything to do with a particular product, but Weilong is fully aware of them. Starting with users, Weilong is able to swiftly absorb the Internet’s funny culture, identify the point that aligns with its own brand, and integrate it quickly, which may actually produce positive communication effects. But beneath the surface, channels and products provide the most reliable support.

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