What are the benefits of a One Card Credit Card?

one card credit card

Being a credit card owner makes your spending experience much more convenient. You don’t feel much bothered when swiping a card because you don’t feel the pinch of paying a hard card. Also, credit cards give you an option of returning the money in easy instalments. Credit card takes away all your financial worries and supports you financially like a true friend if used in a disciplined manner.If you are looking to invest in your first credit card , then One Card credit card might be a perfect option for you. The card not only comes with amazing features and benefits but is also very convenient to use. To help you learn more about the One Card Credit Card we bring to you an article on everything you need to know about this credit card.


One Card Credit Card is a co-branded credit card. The card aims to provide a seamless digital experience to the young,tech savvy population across the country .


•Contactless feature

In the contactless feature instead of swiping your credit card at the billing counter you simply have to wave or tap your card on the contactless terminal and pay without entering PIN.

With a contactless feature the One Card credit card offers you the benefit of more secure payment and also helps you spend less time at the cash counter. By saving time it gives you freedom to do things that matter the most to you.

•Metal Credit Card

Metal Credit Cards look more premium than plastic credit cards. One Card Credit Card is a metal credit card which not only adds a style quotient to the card but also is much steadier than a plastic credit card.

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•Life time free credit card

  1. No joining fees 

The joining fee is a one time fee

 that you pay to the card issuer when the application form for a credit card is accepted. The joining fees differ from card to card. One Card Credit Card being a lifetime free credit card, has no joining fees.

  1. No annual fees

The annual fee is an yearly fee changed by the card issuer from you for using the credit card.One Card Credit Card being a lifetime free credit card, has no annual fees.

•Low forex fees

The foreign transaction fees also known as force fees is a fee imposed by the credit card issuer on the transaction that takes place overseas or with a foreign merchant. The fee usually  ranges between 1%-3% of the value and is paid by U.S. travellers in dollars. One Card Credit Card charges its users one of the lowest forex fees of 1 %. 

•5X rewards points (on Top 2 spend categories each month)

The reward points is one of the best and most common perks offered by credit card issuer to card holders. These are points that are awarded as a reward every time you spend using your credit card. The points can be collected and redeemed for gift vouchers, merchandise, air miles and more. 

The Once Card Credit Card offers 5 times more reward points on Top 2 spend categories each month.

•Instant issue and redemption of points

All card issuers offer multiple routes for issuing and redemption of reward points. Where some may take a longer period of time for issuing and redemption of your reward points , leading to loss of your precious time. The One Card credit card comes with an amazing feature of instant issue and redemption of points, helping you utilise your precious time in other important activities.

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•No redemption fees

Amid so much growth in credit card users in our country, many leading companies have started levying a reward redemption fee when you use the reward points for a transaction. For example, X , a card issuer charges a flat reward redemption fee of Rs 99 plus GST. And if the credit card gives you 2 points for every Rs 100 spent, and 100 points gives you Rs 25 worth cashback or value, then in this case you would need  to spend Rs 20,000 in valid categories of transactions to earn Rs 100 worth of points . And if X charges you Rs. 100 as redemption fee, you actually have nothing.

The One Card credit card comes with no redemption fees slowing its user to enjoy the reward to the fullest.

•Quick access to statement pdf 

Visiting the bank or financial institution everytime you need your financial statement could be difficult and daunting. Caring about your comfort , One Card Credit Card comes with the amazing feature of providing quick access to statements just by logging in to their website .

•Customer Support 

One Card Credit Card provides its card holders with customer care service for your convenience. If as a cardholder you face any issue/problem with your credit card you can resolve it by calling the customer care number. Be it lost cards or reward queries, payment issues you can dial the customer care number and get it all sorted out. 

Isn’t the One Card credit card all you need in your first credit card. Surely it is. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your best credit cards now and start your journey of financial empowerment. All the best!


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