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Yuanqi Senlin
Yuanqi Senlin


A pioneer in the beverage industry, Yuanqi Senlin specialises on sugar-free and low-sugar beverages. Tang Binshen founded Yuanqi Senlin in 2016, a comprehensive beverage firm that makes drinks with little to no sugar. Tang Binsen is the one in charge of it. Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Nongfu Spring are its main rivals in China.


China is the home of the beverage company Yuanqi Senlin. Starting with the idea of “0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 fat,” it has since introduced a variety of beverage items, such as sugar-free soda effervescent water, burning tea, milk tea, bodybuilding light tea, energy drinks, yoghurt, and more.

Website : https://www.yuanqisenlin.com/

Founder & Team:

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In 2016, Yuanqi Senlin was established. Beijing is where Yuanqi Senlin’s headquarters are. Yuanqi Senlin is a manufacturer of low-calorie, sugar-free beverages that was founded in 2016. In the English-language media, Genki Forest is more commonly referred to, and its product line includes yoghurt, milk teas, and sparkling waters. Tang Binsen, a former executive of a gaming company that produced one of China’s top-grossing apps, founded the business.


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Yuanqi Senlin Highlight:

Company NameYuanqi Senlin
FoundersTang Binsen
Started at2016
CompetitorsOrchid VenturesOsotspaMineralbrunnenLes Eaux Minerales D’oulmes
RevenueRmb3 billion
Customer care Email
Customer care Contact details
Company Valuation
HeadquartersBeijing, China


In 2020, total sales of Rmb3 billion were generated, with more than 70% coming from sparkling water sales.

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Funding & Investors:

  • Series B – V is Yuanqi Senlin’s most recent round of fundraising.
  • Total funds raised by Yuanqi Senlin were $721.31M.
  • Sequoia Capital China, Warburg Pincus, Temasek, Gaorong Capital, Longfor Capital, and ten other companies are among the investors in Yuanqi Senlin.
  • In November 2021, Yuanqi Senlin reported the completion of its most recent funding round, valued at $15 billion as opposed to the previous round’s $6 billion valuation. Sequoia, Gaorong, LFC, Warburg Pincus, and Temasek are a few of the investors.
  • Over the course of 5 rounds, Genki Forest secured $721.3M in investment. Their most recent funding came from a Venture – Series Unknown round that was raised on November 2, 2021.
  • 9 investors are helping to sponsor Genki Forest. The most recent investors are Warburg Pincus and Temasek Holdings.
  • Genki Forest has invested on three things. On July 8, 2022, they made their most recent investment in Insight Technology, which raised CN $100 million.

Business Model:

Tang Binsen, a former executive of a gaming company that produced one of China’s top-grossing apps, founded the business. Due to competition from much bigger competitors like Tencent, Tang made the decision to leave the gaming industry, but he stuck to his principles by establishing Yuanqi Senlin as a health-conscious tech start-up. He has spoken of turning the business into the “Coca-Cola of China,” and the company has been successful in reaching younger consumers on social media who are prepared to pay extra for a healthier product.

The market is enormous: 365 million bottles would be consumed annually if one million individuals drank a bottle each day. And that might just represent the consumption of a single significant Chinese city. Yuanqi Senlin is prepared to invest a lot of money to enter the offline channels in addition to using innovative marketing that targets the young audience. If I had $2 billion in cash, I would spend 1.8 billion on marketing and channels, the entrepreneur allegedly once claimed .

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The founder’s gaming experience may have anything to do with that aggression. Of course, traditional beverage businesses are responding, but many of them do not understand the problem. They frequently emphasise the soda water’s “health” benefits, or Yangsheng in Chinese. Because of this, even the greatest channels cannot make their “healthy” fizzy drinks profitable.

Services Offered thru Yuanqi Senlin:

There serve beverage, cola etc. They offer mainly offers sugar free and low sugar drinks.

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Awards & Recognition:

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Competitors includes –

  • Orchid Ventures
  • Osotspa
  • Mineralbrunnen
  • Les Eaux Minerales D’oulmes

Latest News:

  • In a new funding round, Genki Forest is aiming for a $15 billion valuation.
  • The 10 Biggest Funding Rounds This Week: Crypto Conglomerate Sets the Standard; Nuro, a Self-Driving Car Startup, Raise Major Funding
  • The 4-year-old business recently raised a round that would value it at US$2 billion, paving the way for founder Tang Binsen’s quick rise. Particularly when you take into account the amount of marketing and (particularly) distribution labour required in the past to develop a drink brand.

Future Plans:

This year, the brand’s advertising tactics generated controversy because their purportedly sugar-free drinks really contained sugar replacements and should not be considered to have zero sugar. After that, Yuanqi Senlin apologised for the way their milk teas were marketed and labelled, claiming that the wording had been altered. Despite the fact that erythritol is significantly more expensive than regular sugar, it has decided to stick with it as a low-calorie sweetener in response to the criticism.

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Some FAQs:

Where is Head quarter of Yuanqi Senlin?

Beijing, China

What is actual name of Yuanqi Senlin?

Genki Forest.

When was Yuanqi Senlin founded?

Yuanqi Senlin was founded in 2016.

What is Yuanqi Senlin’s latest funding round?

Yuanqi Senlin’s latest funding round is Series B – V.

How much did Yuanqi Senlin raise?

Yuanqi Senlin raised a total of $721.31M.

Who are the investors of Yuanqi Senlin?

Investors of Yuanqi Senlin include Sequoia Capital China, Warburg Pincus, Temasek, Gaorong Capital, Longfor Capital and 10 more.


Genki Forest is a business that produces and sells non-alcoholic beverages. It is also known as Yuan Qi Sen Lin (Bei Jing) Food Technology Group. It sells cooking oil, fruit juices, lemon tea, sparkling water, soft drinks, and energy beverages.

Yuanqi Senlin is being consumed by young people in China NOT to substitute water but rather sugary fizzy drinks like Coke. They desire the sweet flavour and bubbly texture, yet they are terrified of gaining weight. Many of them lead unhealthy lifestyles, like burning oil all night, spending a lot of time sitting down, and eating hotpot (and crayfish). However, appearance is crucial in a world where many people now get plastic surgery. The “no sugar, no fat” message of Yuanqi Senlin is therefore quite appealing.

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