Top 10 Chemical Companies in Bangalore

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Vaccines! Vaccines! Vaccines! Each and every corner of the world today is in need of these vaccines to safeguard their lives. Can it be possible without the chemical-producing companies? Not only today when a fatal pandemic has hit us all even before this, but these chemicals have also been used to make some lakhs of different types of medicines that have helped the billions of Indians and people around the world fight their ailments and illness to continue living. So, you can just understand the importance of these chemicals and chemical-producing companies in our country and around the globe. 

It’s not only the health sector that is the prime user of the chemicals. But in an agriculture-based country like India, the most essential chemicals are undoubtedly pesticides and fertilizers. The chemical producing companies even make a darning contribution in the production of fertilizers and pesticides, thereby contributing much to the Indian economy.  

The chemical industry in India is the largest consumer, producing a variety of organic and inorganic products. Organic chemicals use petroleum which has got numerous further uses. While the inorganic chemical producing companies that produce chemicals like acids and alkalis etc. are widespread through the continent. The chemical industry in India is growing rapidly at the rate of 10% to 12% and contributes actively to the GDP as well.

So, now it becomes important for us to have a look at the prime producers and giants in the chemical sector. Here we have brought to you the list of the top 10 chemical companies working at their level best in the smart city of Bangalore.

List of Best Chemical Companies in Bangalore :



The company is famous for producing the best and the finest quality of export products and also excels in gravity casting components as well. The company fully understands the importance of customer trust and the fact that they place their own reputation on the line with every service and hence the company is very active in seeking a timely and quality delivery for its products. The company carries an inspection at every step of the product and provides excellent supplies of the products. 

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The company produces a wide variety of chemicals including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, electronics, leather chemicals, paints and coatings, rubber, cosmetics, perfumes, automobiles, adhesives, paints, etc. The great quality of its products and services is what makes the company a part of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore.


The company is a big name in the chemical industry and has been providing the best quality products since 1987. The company says “quality is their promise, and quantity is their assurance”. The company thrives to produce the best quality products and is attaining a lot of value by offering the customers the best chemical intermediates in the world. 

This company has been a top player in Karnataka’s chemical market with its performance constantly evolving pharmaceutical, textile industry, thermal plants, paper and oil industries etc., and various government sectors with the high varieties and ranges of the chemicals it produces. The various chemicals produced by the company are Liquid chlorine gas, potassium carbonate, stearic acid, Hydro Chloric acid, bleaching powder, sulphuric acid,  glycerin etc. These unanimous efforts and the best quality services provided by the company makes it one of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore.


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Threesons is another big name in the chemical industry in Bangalore. The company is famous for producing the best quality chemicals for its customers. The Managing director of Threesons paints and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is also a proud recipient of the Rashtriya Udyog Award for the best entrepreneurship from Karnataka during the year 1996-97.  

The company is set up in Bangalore and produces various chemicals in the varieties of decorative paints, industrial paints, construction care chemicals, and epoxy formulations. The standards set up by the company for itself indeed make it a part of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore.  


This chemical company produces a variety of products like laboratory reagents, analytical reagents, electronic grades, industrial chemicals, reagents, clinical reagents, etc. Karnatakafinechem is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory chemicals, with most of its products accepted by the leading National Research Laboratories and Industries. The company has well-equipped factories laden with the most sophisticated setups to produce varieties of useful chemicals. 

This chemical company produces and sells a variety of products apart from the regular range of the products. If you are looking for one of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore then it is the one.

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Mangalore chemicals is a top chemical company in the city that has partnered with world leaders in the various areas of enterprises and has a significant presence in the production of great quality fertilizers, plant nutrition products, and various plant protection chemicals.  The company is also the topmost in the production of various agricultural, engineering, infrastructure, and other consumer services which are the key drivers of the Indian economy and contribute a lot to the Indian GDP. 

A few of the main products produced by the company are urea, di aluminum phosphate, micronutrients, ammonium bicarbonate, sulphuric acid, specialty fertilizers, etc. MCF is namely the largest manufacturer of chemical fertilizers in the state.


The company can be termed as the largest consumer of zinc oxide, whose list of products generated includes zinc oxide for rubber, zinc oxide for tires, zinc oxide for paints, zinc oxide for cosmetics, etc. The activating properties of zinc oxide make it a highly useful commodity in the rubber industry and the company produces rubber grade zinc oxide in the maximum quantity. 

The company is also highly active in producing zinc oxide for various other purposes like producing the zinc oxide as a pigment in the paint industry, used as solvents and as water-borne formulations, etc. The large quantity of production of products and the kind of quality it offers to make the company one of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore.


The main products of the company involve zinc oxide for rayon, zinc oxide for glass,  water and filter aids technology, spill containments, metalworking fluids, adhesives, and lubricants, etc. The company was established in the year 1993 and since then the company continues to be one of the leading distributors of general and specialty chemicals in the entire Indian Subcontinent.  The main of the company is to provide the best services and quality products to its customers.

The company since its establishment over the years has gained a big name in the chemicals industry. Today the Sindhu specialty chemicals have gained a reputation and have diverse clients from around the world and that has what has made the company enter the list of the top 10 chemical producing companies in Bangalore.

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Chempure is a private limited that was established in the year 1943. Yes, this company was set up before independence and since then has been synthesizing the best quality specialty chemicals of high purity in the market. The company lays more of its focus in producing chemicals like catalysts and ligands, organics and inorganics, biocatalysts, ionic liquids, nanomaterials, stable isotopes, organometallics, and metals. Quality remains the main focus of the company ever since it was established and that’s the reason behind it making so far since it was established. 

The company produces products with 99% purity and at times even more making it one of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore. 


Apollo paints privately limited as the name suggests is an eco-friendly paint-producing company, that is also into producing the best quality emulsions, interior emulsions, enamel water based, wood finishes water based, special coating, Italiano, and many more other types of chemicals. The company mainly is focused on producing architectural coatings that are decorative coatings. The quality of the company’s products is great and hence it is a part of the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore.


The company i.e. Peenya industrial gases private limited was established back in the year 1990 and since then has never looked back. The company has been a reputed name in the sector of the synthesis and production of various industrial gases, mixture gases, calibrated gases, and many more chemical products.

The company is exceptionally famous for producing the best quality gases. It produces the following range of gases like oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, argon, helium, nitrous oxide, etc. As we can see that all the categories of the gases produced by the company are of utmost importance as they are used in various industrial and generational work. All these aspects together make the company one of the most important producers of these chemicals contributing a lot to the chemical industry, making it the top 10 chemical company in Bangalore

These were the top 10 chemical companies in Bangalore that have made a name for themselves in the market as the best quality producer of the chemicals that are then used for several other purposes. So, you can reach out to any one of these companies if in need without any doubt. 

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