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Top 7 Secret Ingredients to a Successful Social Media Strategy

This post was most recently updated on August 21st, 2019

The pace of industrialization in the modern era has picked up and it a very vital aspect that every business varying from start-ups to huge entrepreneur firms should take into consideration for succeeding efficiently in this competitive market. Social media marketing is not a very easy task, it requires a huge amount of knowledge, information, hard-work and trick of the trade.

Good social media is evocative and connects the potential audience to the business on a deeper level. Just as businesses create worth and authenticity to the user’s lives by transporting products and services, the competent social media campaigns add value to their demographics.

There may be instances when you find your social media strategies bringing you back to the bottom


Not leading to an increase in the amount of conversions


You aren’t getting noticed in the market


You see large followers, numerous conversions and high engagement overall for other brands

These factors definitely would force you to think why you’re not being able to achieve what you desire through your marketing strategy. Thus, if you really desire to stand out from the rest in the market, here are some strategies that can lead you to big successes through your social media strategy:

1. Content posting should be undertaken post business hours

Yes! Absolutely this doesn’t sound like a good plan but trusts us, it’s not feasible to do promotion when your user is busy working at his office.

Your social strategy might attract more eyeballs when the potential audience is all relaxed at home after work hours and are able to spare a glance at their social media handle. It’s a known fact that people never use a phone when working, they use it while catching a cab back home or even while eating dinner with their family members on the dinner table which actually plays a vital role for promotion through the word of mouth. It increases the chances of product noticing and sharing in the competitive market.

2.Publication of trust-worthy and authentic content

Posting regular content on the social media platform plays a vital role in creating traffic for increasing sales. Having good, authentic and helpful content on the website keeps the brand to be in positive light encouraging the potential users to keep visiting the website for reading the content.

Is it difficult to come up with relevant and valuable content all the time?

Do you think you’ve hit a roadblock in terms of content creation?

There are various ways of creating content in case of such problems like endorsing the work to interns or even hiring content creating start-ups.

3.Reward your loyal users

The best way to expand in the market and attract more customers is to listen to their needs and constantly engage with them. It is a good step to pick out users who are active in the process of giving suggestions or providing feedback or participating in various product discussions and appropriately reward them. It is always the best strategy to reward your loyal customers to keep them in the loop and increase sales and support. This will definitely pay off in the long run as it will lead to appreciation and promotion of the brand at a large scale much efficiently.

Top 7 Secret Ingredients to a Successful Social Media Strategy

4.Research on your market competition

What were the steps you undertook first to launch the business?

If you’re a competitive entrepreneur, then you should definitely research the market to understand the demand for the product in the market and also the competition prevailing. A successful strategy will fail if it is built without proper research. It is advised to devise a list of the competitors in the market and study their followed branding strategies. Analyse their operations, customer relations and interactions and compare them efficiently. If you are able to appropriately understand their mechanism, you are then all set to move forward.

5.More use of promotional keywords

People tend to get attracted to keywords like

“free”, “offers”, “discount”, “giveaways” and “sale”

If these words are incorporated appropriately in the posts with noticeable images, they can play an important role in increasing sales for the brand. The content should be regulated regularly to energize the strategy and give the audience something to look forward to each time they visit the online page.

6. Promotion is the key

If you create good content and no one has access to it, then what’s the purpose of all that effort?

That’s where promotional techniques step in! It’s very vital to make use of automation tools to excel through the social media strategy which would definitely maximise the number of people who view the content and help in the growth of website traffic. It is advised to collaborate with other influencers in the market. Devise a social media contest which will encourage the audience to follow you. Staying ahead and taking a step forward is always essential in social media marketing.

Top 7 Secret Ingredients to a Successful Social Media Strategy

7. Keep up with the latest trends

It is your job to stay on top with the latest trends and changes in social media. There are certain trends upcoming in the market that play a very important role in promoting the brand efficiently:

Live video contents

Instagram stories

Messaging apps

Virtual reality in marketing

It also includes brushing up on the current statistics and algorithm changes on the social media platforms in general. It is a difficult task but the benefits are difficult to pass. Use of these tactics is mandatory to create a winning strategy.


Always remember, social media strategies assist in conversing with the potential audience. If you don’t serve your audience well then you will never be able to see good results, so always keep them a priority.



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